A to Z Challenge

2016 Challenge - Jane Austen Alphabet Cross Stitch / My Disney Collection
Pre-Challenge Prep Work
A - Anne Elliot / Disney Antenna Toppers
B - Colonel Christopher Brandon / Disney Books
C - Miss Catherine Morland / Disney Characters
D - Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy / Disney Dolls
E - Miss Eleanor Dashwood / Disney Ear Hats
F - Captain Fredrick Wentworth / Disney Fan Art
G - Mr. George Knightley / Disney Glasses, Cups, and the Like
H - Miss Harriet Smith / Disney's Haunted Mansion
I - Miss Isabella Thorpe / Disney Irrational Items
J - Miss Jane Bennet / Disney Jewelry
K - Miss Kitty Bennet / Disney Keychains
L - Miss Lydia Bennet / Disney Lanyards and Pins, Oh My!
M - Miss Marianne Dashwood / Disney Movies and Music
N - Mrs. Norris / Disney Needful Things
O - Mr. John Willoughby / Disney Ornaments
P - Miss Fanny Price / Disney Purses, Bags, and the Like
Q - The Quiet Background / Disney Quills
R - Lady Russell / Disney Resort Specific
S - Miss Lucy Steele / Disney Jim Shore
T - Mr. Henry Tilney / Disney T-Shirts
U - Mr. Edmund Bertram / Disney Unusually Large Collectibles
V - Miss Louisa Musgrove / Disney Pop Vinyls-Vinylmations
W - Miss Emma Woodhouse / Disney Watches
X - Miss Jane Fairfax / Disney X-Stitch
Y - Mr. John Yates / Disney Years of Trip Memorabilia
Z - Miss Elizabeth Bennet / Zed - Everything but the Kitchen Sink
Reflections Post

2015 A to Z Challenge - Once Upon A Time Alphabet Cross Stitch / Veronica Mars Alphabet Cross Stitch
A to Z Challenge Prep Work
The shows behind the stitching
A - OUAT-Aurora / VM-Aaron Echolls
B - Belle (Lacey French) / Backup
C - Cora / Dick Casablancas
D - David Nolan (Prince Charming) / Duncan Kane
E - Emma Swan / Logan Echolls
F - Blue Fairy (Mother Superior) / We Used To Be Friends
G - Mr. Gold (Rumpelstiltskin) / Gia Goodman
H - Robin Hood / Neptune High School
I - Ingrid (Snow Queen, Sarah Fisher) / Mars Investigations
J - Jefferson (Mad Hatter) / Jackie
K - Killian Jones (Captain Hook) / Keith Mars
L - Leroy (Grumpy) / Lily Kane
M - Henry Mills / Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie
N - Neal Cassidy (Baelfire) / Eli "Weevil" Navarro
O - Pinocchio (August Booth) / Be Cool Soda Pop
P - Peter Pan (Malcolm) / P.C.H.
Q - Evil Queen (Regina Mills) / Questions and Answers
R - Red Riding Hood (Ruby) / Rob Thomas
S - Sidney Glass (Genie/Magic Mirror) / Sheriff Lamb
T - Tinker Bell / Teams Piz & Logan
U - Ursula (The Sea Witch) / VM-Undercover Surveillance
V - Victor Frankenstein (Dr. Whale) / Vinnie Van Lowe
W - Snow White (Mary Margaret Blanchard) / Wallace Fennel
X - Felix / Felix Toombs
Y - Jiminy Cricket (Archie Hopper) / You're A Marshmallow Veronica Mars
Z - Zelena (Wicked Witch) / Piz

2014 A to Z Challenge - Disney Alphabet Cross Stitch
A - Aurora
B - Belle
C - Cinderella
D - Donald Duck
E - Eeyore
F - Flynn Rider
G - Goofy
H - Hades
I - Iago
J - Jafar
K - Kermit
L - Lady Tremaine
M - Maleficent
N - Nemo
O - Oswald
P - Prince Phillip
Q - Evil Queen
R - Rapunzel (with Pascal)
S - Stitch
T - Timon (with Pumbaa)
U - Ursula
V - Vanellope
W - Snow White
X - Xian yu
Y - Yzma
Z - Zazu

2013 A to Z Challenge - TV Anorak: An American Intro To British TV / A to Z Bonus Challenge - Disney Characters
A - Apparitions, Afterlife / Aurora
B - Blackadder, Being Human, Ballykissangel, Bedlam, Black Books, Bodies / The Brers
C - Coupling, Call The Midwife, Cold Feet / Cheshire Cat, Charming
D - Doctor Who, Doc Martin, DCI Banks, Dalziel and Pascoe / Donald Duck
E - Eternal Law / Eugene
F - The Fades, The Fixer, Fun At The Funeral Parlour / Figment
G - Gavin & Stacey, The Golden Hour, Garrow's Law, The Green Wing, The Graham Norton Show / Ghosts
H - Hamish MacBeth, Hex, Hotel Babylon, Him & Her / Humphrey, Hades
I - IT Crowd, In Deep, Inspector Morse, In America (with Stephen Fry) / Icabod Crane
J - Jonathan Creek, Jam and Jerusalem, Jeeves and Wooster / Jiminy Cricket
K - Kingdom / Keebles
L - Lark Rise To Candleford, Lewis, Law And Order UK, Life Begins / Lucifer
M - Miranda, Midsomer Murders, Merlin, Monarch Of The Glen, Monday Monday, Murder Most Horrid, My Mad Fat Diary / Maleficent
N - Not Going Out, New Tricks / Nemo
O - Others / Oswald
P - Primeval, Peak Practice, Prime Suspect, Psychoville / Pecos Bill
Q - Q.I., Queer As Folk / Queen-Evil
R - Roger And Val Have Just Got In, Robin Hood, Ripper Street / Rumpelstiltskin
S - Spooks, Silent Witness, Strike Back, Sherlock, Stella / Stitch
T - Torchwood, The Thin Blue Line / Tow Mater
U - Ultimate Force, Ultraviolet / Ursula
V - Vicar Of Dibley, Vexed / Villains
W - Waking The Dead, Wild At Heart, Wire In The Blood, Whitechapel, William And Mary / Witch Hazel
X - X-Factor / X-Men (Gambit)
Y - The Young Ones / Yen Sid
Z - Zen / Zazu

2012- A to Z Challenge - Walt Disney World
A - April Fool's Day 1997
Now the Disney World posts start:
B - Basin, BGM, Boulangerie Patisserie, BEARS!
C - Caribbean Beach Resort, Country Bear Jamboree, Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe, Chuck and Dave
E - Earl Of Sandwich, Expedition Everest, Extra Magic Hours, The Emporium, Eat To The Beat, Egg Rolls
F - Festival Of The Lion King, Fantasmic, Food and Wine Festival, Flame Tree BBQ, Frontierland Trading Post
G - Goofy's Candy Co, Ghirardelli's, Grand Floridian Tea
H - The Haunted Mansion, Hidden Mickey's, Holidays Around The World
I - It's A Small World, Illuminations, Ice Wine, Indian Burial Ground Resort
J - Journey Into Imagination, Japan
K - Kingdom Keepers, Kali River Rapids, Kona Cafe
L - Le Cellier, The Land, Laugh Floor Comedy Club, Liberty Belle
M - Mission Space, Muppet Vision 3D, Morocco, Mouse Gear, Monorail, MNSSHP, Mama Melroses
N - New Fantasyland, Norway
O - Off-Kilter, Osborne Lights
P - Pins, Pirates of the Caribbean, Philharmagic, Port Orleans Resort, Pixar Place, Parades, Polynesian Resort, Pecos Bill's
Q - Quotes
R - Reedy Creek Fire Department, Raglan Road, Rainforest Cafe
S - Stitch's Great Escape, Sleepy Hollow Refreshments, Sci-Fi, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain
T - Tower Of Terror, Tea Caddy, TTA, T-Rex, Toy Story Pizza Planet, Tangierine Cafe
U - United Kingdom, Universe Of Energy
V - Villains
W - World Of Disney Store, Wolfgang Puke's, Wilderness Lodge
X - X-Pass, X-S Tech
Y - Yak & Yeti, Yorkshire Co Fish Shop
Z - Zachary Binx

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