Monday, April 27, 2015

April A to Z Challenge - Cross Stitch "W" x 2

We've made it to the final week of the challenge (thank goodness!). Congrats to all those that made it and well done to all those that tried but couldn't quite get there. There have been some great challenge topics this year, especially in the cross stitch and Disney-verse.

After a horrid week at work, I not only managed to get caught up again, but got my carpets cleaned along with most of the house and had time to stitch on Alice and the B's (but more on them later).

Project #1:  Once Upon A Time
ouat23"W" is for Snow White aka Mary Margaret Blanchard.  I have always liked Gennifer Goodwin and I don't think they could have cast Snow better!  I love that they made Snow such a badass (even if Mary Margaret, pre-first curse breakage, was a massive mouse) and I absolutely adore the chemistry between her and Charming (aka, her real life husband, Josh Dallas).  We don't get to see as much of the Snow/Charming romance post-baby as we did before, but I'm hoping to see it return.

Although I have hashed her family tree numerous times with other characters, let's do it just one more time for final week's sake!  Snow White is the daughter of Queen Eva and King Leopold, the wife to Prince Charming, mother to Emma and baby Neal (named after Baelfire/Neal), grandmother to Henry, step-daughter to Regina/Evil Queen and grand step-daughter to Cora.  She's best friends with Ruby/Red and is also friends with Ariel, Ella/Ashley (I do tend to call her Cindy a lot, but she was more referred to as Ella in the show), Belle/Lacey, and probably more we've yet to encounter (everyone loves Snow).  Of course, she has her dwarfs, but it's pretty obvious that Grumpy/Leroy is her favorite.  Unlike Charming, I don't think she's as hesitant about Emma's relationship with Hook/Killian, probably because Snow does tend to see the good in everyone (including Regina).  She's had numerous run-ins with Rumple/Mr. Gold but, in the overall context of hers and Charming's relationship, Rumple has actually helped them more than hurt them (of course, he needed them to be together to create Emma to break his dark curse, but why focus on the negative?).  Snow has killed Medusa, wielded Excalibur (or so she thought), had her marriage officiated by Lancelot (who initially poisoned her for King George so that she could never have children, but later helped her to fix it), she's battled Trolls, fought with Mulan and Aurora, and numerous other great deeds.

Mary Margaret, on the other hand, despite being a mouse, has been the other woman in the David/Kathryn marriage (which got her branded the town slut) and slept with Dr. Whale/Frankenstein (which technically means she cheated on Charming, although she didn't know she was married to him at the time, so I think we'll let her slide on this one more than cheating with David, although technically David and Kathryn weren't technically married...confused yet?).  She even darkened her heart just a bit when she kills Cora.

But I do have to say, one of the reasons why I love the Snow/Charming dynamic so much is the whole true-love thing (yes, I'm mushy at heart).  I have to admit, I bawled like a baby during the events of the creation of the second curse (or was it the third?) when she enacted it and had to destroy the person she loved the most, only to end up saving him by sharing her heart with him (hope I didn't give too much away there).  They are truly two halves of the same heart and hopefully the writer's never see fit to tear them apart (and I do hope they beat the Hollywood curse and manage to stay married forever in real life too).

vm23Project #2:  Veronica Mars
"W" is for Wallace Fennel, Veronica Mars BFF.  She cuts him down from a flagpole where he's duct taped naked in episode 1 of season 1, and they've been friends ever since (despite his obvious bad choice in girlfriends).

On to Alice and the Bouguereau Princesses...if you'll remember, I left off here:

And made it here tonight:
Where Rapunzel looks like a ghost, Aurora is starting to look like she's got the stomach flu or something, she's positively green! But, in taking tonight's picture, I did notice there were an extra set of eyes looking at me:
Zach NEVER comes in range of me when I have a camera in my hands. I usually have to stalk him or bribe him to take pictures!  I take pictures every single night I stitch (which is most nights), but I'm really surprised he seems to be finally getting used to it after all these years.


Stephen Tremp said...

Ha! Good doggie.

Stephen Tremp
A to Z Co-host
W is for Window and White Noise

Linda said...

Love the pic of Zach. Wonderful progress on Alice. I've been confused and in awe since day one of your challenge. I could never remember all that stuff about the characters. Great post.


Kate said...

Whoa, that's a lot going on! I'm so looking forward to seeing more of the show. Great stitching as always; I love the progress you made on Alice. And the photo bombing pup is just too cute!

Vickie said...

Great recap of Snow! Love your stitching and little furbaby!!!

Alicia Hawks said...

Your Cross Stitching is pretty amazing. I find it pretty inspiring; makes me want to get my needles out again :D.

I look forward to seeing the progress on your 'Alice and the Bougereau Princess' pattern and piece.

Also your Once Upon A Time pieces are adorable!!

Roslyn Core said...

Love your description of Snow. She's probably my favourite character on the show :)