Road Trip Pics

As promised, here's a bit of a look at the remainder of the devastation that is still visible from Hurricane Michael. To be honest, I was kind of surprised to see this much trash still sitting around since October, especially down such a wide birth of coastline. I have been going to the coast since I was a kid, seen many a hurricane come through and they always seem to rally in such an amazing way to at least clean up the debris, even if it takes them longer to rebuild. I guess it's a sign of how bad things are in this country that, even after 9 months, this level of ruin still remains. I didn't take a lot of pictures at all, but the full album is here for those who would like to see them.

But before we get to the bad, here is the good that is St. George. It was EXTREMELY crowded, and I guess I kind of figured out that I apparently have never been to the beach during the summer before! All my previous trips have been during the off season! Thankfully the crowds tend to congregate together, so there where gaps where the beach was clear (thankfully).
I have NEVER had to fight my way through these kind of crowds just to get to a bit of peace and quiet, but I've also never been during a time when there are tide pools, so I guess it was some give and take on that front because I LOVE tide pools!
My obligatory feet in water pic:
Now on to the bad ju-ju. I didn't take a lot of pictures of it, because it was basically the same thing for hundreds of miles, but you'll get the idea, from the towns to the forests, it was pretty much the same all the way down the coast:
I didn't get a chance to pick up a lot of shells because we weren't at the beach very long, but this was my haul:
And there you have it! My weekend to the coast! I think, after my trip to Arizona, I'll go back in the winter and see how they are doing on the cleanup. I just hate that it looks so bad down there right now and I wish there was something I could do.

Still no stitching, but I did go back to the beach (with a caveat)

If good intentions were dollars, I'd be rich by now! I keep meaning to stitch, other things just keep distracting me. Weekend before last, I spent it scanning in old photos so I could have them digitally and I didn't finish (nor have I scanned any since). At some point, I will have to spend the time in Lightroom cleaning them up, but that's a project for another day.

Last weekend, I went to the coast on another one of my world-wind road trips. I went with a school friend who had never seen the ocean and has been asking to go along. I always have this idealized vision of taking someone on this amazing journey to a new place, single-handedly being responsible for changing someone's life by showing them something they have never seen before...but it never seems to work out that way (and yet I keep doing it, the very definition of insanity). Maybe because my first trip to the ocean was life-changing for me and I think everyone will feel that way. One of these days, I'll learn to just go alone since I'm the only one that seems to be as moved by it as I am. Plus, I keep taking people who don't get the concept of how I travel, despite ALL my warnings. If I've heard "that sounds amazing, can I go?" once, I'd heard it a million times, so I let someone tag along and it's always the same old thing! I explain, in extreme detail, the rules ahead of time because I've been through this so many times, and yet, it's always the same old thing. The rules are ALWAYS as follows...

***I leave between 1 am and 3 am, depending on how far I'm going (because we have a long way to go), so go to bed early because sleeping in a car is NOT restful and you'll have a headache.

***Bring drinks and snacks because I don't stop for food *unless* I manage it make it back through Biloxi in time to stop at Wentzel's.

***If you want to see "pretty" gulf water, we have to go far into Florida which means we won't get back until somewhere between 3 and 6 am on Sunday, so prepare to be in the car for 30+ hours.

***I take the Supernatural approach to music - driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole, so whether you like Take That or not, prepare for 30+ hours of it because it's my road trip music and I sing along.

***I have the bladder of an elephant and I HATE gas station bathrooms (plus, I'm usually just too chicken to stop unless I have to get gas), so unless your eyes are yellow, don't expect a lot of bathroom stops and, if we do, I'm old school and I prefer rest areas because THEY have armed security guards.

But alas, every person that goes with me, despite the warnings, doesn't sleep ahead of time (thus sleeps in the car and gets headaches or leg cramps or whatevers), broken records of "when do we eat, when do we eat, when do we eat?", complains about the lack of scenery since I have to drive the "quick" way to get to Florida (which means straight through the nothingness of Alabama), even though I take the scenic coast road back (which they are too tired to enjoy), and complaints about my musical tastes (although no one has complained about my singing...yet), and then there is the constant begging for bathroom stops at gas stations, ugh! My least favorite thing? My passenger playing with their phone at night! The screen hurts my eyes while I'm driving and it's a distraction I don't need! And yet every companion I've ever had does it because they get "bored".

Ummm, I just took you through five states and various kinds of landscapes, major cities, small scary hick towns, to the ocean, down the coast and back down a completely different route through more cities and towns and completely new scenery for a total of 1500 miles in one day. You rarely been out of Arkansas and you just saw more in one day than you have in your entire life, why aren't you impressed? Why, prey tell, are you bored? Maybe because you are playing with your phone instead of looking outside? I always see something new, experience new things, and NOTHING soothes me like the ocean does. Months and months of work stress gone just in 40 minutes of walking on the beach (yeah...I only got 40 minutes this time because my companion got tired), but still, it was enough and it will probably last a couple of weeks at least. Let alone, it's a major feat that I'm able to do this at all...even going to Target to buy the snacks was extremely hard for me, and yet I can drive to the coast, go figure! I am really wired funny!

There are a lot of amazing little surprise places in this country, some far away, some just around the corner, but I'm always amazed that rarely anyone ever ventures out to see them. Yes, I'm lucky enough to not be tied down so that I can just practically jump in the car and go wherever almost whenever I want (I do have some monetary restrictions, even a coast trip costs a couple of hundred bucks in gas, so it's not something I can do all the time), but I don't understand why more people don't want to go out and do the same! Even as a kid on road trips, I was looking out the window at scenery and, as I got older, taking pictures out the window because I was fascinated with the world. People today are too busy playing on phones or watching movies on screens built into headrests. Everyone has to be kept occupied with something 24/7 and the world isn't fascinating enough anymore (at least, apparently, for anyone else).

A lot of people tell me how much they love travelling, but the more I question them, the more I find out they flew to their location, took taxi's everywhere, rarely left their hotel or saw many sights (because they only planned to be there a couple of days and did no research), and then flew home. I find that sad because technically they didn't "travel" anywhere but a plane and a hotel. Maybe I just watched too much Travel Channel as a kid and have an idealized view of this country, but rarely ever am I disappointed in where I end up and what I see (even if sometimes parts of the journey there isn't the greatest). Obviously, travelling outside the country is a different beast, but still, America has a lot to offer for those willing to try! One of my favorite sites is Roadside America, because there is always weird little things to find on roads you might find yourself on (or places just around the corner).

But I think I got a couple of good pictures, especially of the hurricane Michael damage (that is still quite prevalent, even 9 months later), so I'll get some of those up as soon as I get them cleaned up for you guys! Hopefully, if I can get these pictures done and the others scanned in, I can get back to stitching!

Needless to say, when I decide to go on my big road trip to Arizona, I am DEFINITELY going it alone, scary or NOT! The more I look at some of those Arizona and New Mexico roads, the more horror movies I can think of that they remind me of, but I'm still up for it! I've found dozens of places I want to see (and several places I'd like to go, but know I can't stop at on my own, so they won't make the list), so maybe I'll do that around my birthday sometime when it gets cooler in that part of the country! If anyone lives between Northeast Arkansas and Meteor Crater in Arizona and knows of some great visiting spots, let me know! I'll add them to my list!

No stitching this week

Yeah, I suck. I didn't even try to stitch. I kept saying "toward the end of the week", but then I ended up with a massive headache, one bad enough that I even ended up leaving work early (which I NEVER do for a headache) and then I just never got around to it. I ended up cleaning my house for the first time in forever and doing other things that ate up the rest of the weekend. I did get through all of Roswell, New Mexico (I like the original show better) and the 14th season of Supernatural (yeah, now I understand why Jared and Jensen are ready to let go...even I, the most diehard of Supernatural fans had trouble liking that season except towards the end), so it wasn't a total wasted week. No need in talking about how many times I also watched The Kissing Booth and To All The Boys I've Loved Before (or read each book in the the series)...another OCD thing I'm going through right now.

But my Sister reminded me that I haven't posted a pup pic in a while (probably because they do nothing but eat and sleep nowadays since they are getting older). I do take pics of them all the time, they are just random pics like the ones below and I figure no one wants to see them. She was apparently scouring my blog last week looking for one to show a co-worker because they had a Shih-Tzu too and was thinking of getting another and she wanted to show her co-worker how different mine were even though they were the same breed (rescues, what can I say?) and she said she had to go back so far it was driving her crazy so she went to my texts and had the same problem! But I did feel bad about leaving out my kids, so here they are in their lazy glory!
I called the groomer in plenty of time back at the first of April, but she doesn't have an appointment until June, so they will get worse! Here they are tucked up under my butt where, for some strange reason, they like to live when I'm watching TV:
So there ya go Sis...random lazy pup pics just for you!

Weekly Stitching (still trying!)

Well, I won't spoil anything, but I am happy with the ending I got with Avengers Endgame. It is the absolute best movie I've ever seen in my entire life and totally worth the 11 years investment! So much happened in that 3 hours and 3 minutes and it was amazing how every previous 21 movies played into this epic saga, even the most minute detail you didn't even think was important in some of the lesser movies. I laughed, I bawled (a lot), I yelled, I did cuss out loud, and I cheered, but like I guessed, I certainly was not alone! There was a big guy sitting next to me that pretty much cried every single time I did! I just need the Blu-Ray to come out soon so I can analyze every second of the movie frame by frame and then watch them all in chronological order!

But enough about that for now. I went back to working on a smaller stitch project, but I also didn't even stitch anything until Saturday night, so I'm going to start my two weeks rotation this week. I left off on Happy Haunts at the row finish back in December of 2017 (seriously, 2018 must have REALLY sucked for me stitch-wise!):
and I barely did anything Saturday and some Sunday, so there isn't much to show, but here you go:
When I wound it up, it was amazing to me how dirty the scroll row was! I guess that's what happens when a project sits around for over a year!

One more Avengers comment, I did buy another pattern last week, one for Endgame, I just couldn't help myself:
Avengers Endgame_000b
At first, I really was debating hard about buying this pattern because, although Cap is in the foreground, he's kind of overpowered by several other characters, but knowing what I do now (and that's not a spoiler, just an observation about how my opinions about other characters have changed now for various reasons), I'm really glad I got it! But, before I start on the Endgame one, I want to do this one for Cap first (unless I find a better one between now and then):
Captain America_000a
And I plan to start it soon, but I think the Endgame one will be right afterwards (again, unless I find a better one for that one too).

Avengers Day!

I have been a useless waste of space all day! In less than 30 minutes, we leave work early to go see the biggest movie ever and I'm terrified, scared, ready to bawl like a baby (no mascara for me today), scream, cuss, have a complete emotional breakdown and cheer uncontrollably! I would say that something is wrong with me, but the general worldwide consensus is, at least in this case, I am DEFINITELY not alone!

I won't be giving any spoilers afterwards and, at least so far, internet people have been pretty considerate not to be as spoiler-y as they were with Captain Marvel, but I doubt that will last through the weekend. But if anyone wants a "private" death count, just let me know.

I will admit that I did have a co-worker Google whether or not Captain America dies because I couldn't go into the theater unprepared for that. He went further and saw most all the deaths, but I wouldn't let him tell me...I just needed the one spoiler to get myself emotionally ready (not that it's going to help any either way, even if the answer he got was right).

So wish me (and Cap) luck because we're in the Endgame now!

Well...I did stitch...something?

Week before last, I didn't stitch at all for no reason in particular and then last Monday happened. As a young girl I was obsessed with Parisian art and architecture in general (although that was probably just the artist in me), but Notre Dame had my full, undivided attention. It was safe to say I was obsessed with it. I studied French in high school for three years and then another two for my first trip through college (although I can't speak a lick of it...I can only watch a French film without subtitles...the joy of an Arkansas education), just to help me when I finally made it over there and I would be able to visit all the places I had seen in books. Unfortunately, I oversaturated myself (as I tend to do when I obsess) and the overall thrill died down, but I never forgot the Lady of Paris and I would always get the warm and fuzzies whenever I would see her in a book or movie.

When my Sister first sent me "the" text informing me it was on fire, I thought it was a joke. I tried to stay at my desk and peruse as many news sites as possible, but it wasn't enough, so I just walked away from my office and and plopped in front of the breakroom TV for the rest of the afternoon. Co-workers came and went. I remember some asked me what was happening, others asking me when I was going to return to work, I don't remember answering most of them because I think I was just in shock (and to the latter question I'm sure my answers were probably rather snarky, no matter the managerial level of questioner, and probably came with the reply of "whenever I feel like it" and "I believe I'm owed 23 years worth of lunches", so there is no telling what I said to whom). It wasn't until one literally told me she didn't know what Notre Dame was that I actually started loosing it. I just answered her that "it's a church in Paris" (the simplest way I could think to explain it, to which she still didn't know what I was talking about), but that's when the tears started and I cried for the rest of the day. I cried for the loss of an amazing landmark, I cried for the people of Paris, I cried for the loss of a chunk of my childhood, and I even think I cried for the lack of culture that I am eternally engulfed in. No one at work understood why I was so upset, and that upset me more, so I just left work early. I had hit my limit of stupidity for the day.

Later that night when my Sister called me on her way home, we ended up talking for most of the night, something we don't typically do. She had the same reaction that I did to the tragedy and had pretty much the same reaction from work colleagues that I of either nonchalance or a general level of uncaring. We discussed a lot of other things too from our past that no one would understand but us, but I think the thing we realized is that we both have an elevated level of culture that, yes, our parents did encourage, but even excels the tools they gave us, and we really couldn't figure out why. To say we grew up in a cultural wasteland is the understatement of the year! I had always planned to escape the second I turned 18, but it never worked out that way and now I'm stuck. She ended up meeting the love of her life and chose to stay, but we both knew we never belonged here and had outgrown this place, probably when we hit double-digits age-wise.

We were luckier than most to be able to travel as kids and we were the ones begging our parents to take us to the museums and the landmarks rather than the "fun" places "normal" kids would want to go (although we were dragged to those fun places as well), but we never left the States other than Canada or Mexico (before you needed a passport to get to either), overseas was just always something we planned to do someday together. Even as adults, we've still seen things and been places most people don't ever get to do, and some of even that I don't understand. We are literally 6.5 hrs from the ocean and yet most of the people I know have never seen it (although they all would love to) and I don't understand why. If I want to see something, I just get in the car and go! I've even offered to take people down, but I always get, "well, I have to clean my house", or "well, I need my husband's permission", or "that's a long way to drive"...obviously they don't want to see it bad enough...I have severe Social Anxiety Disorder and I can still go places I really want to go! But I'm also a museum or landmark-type of person and most people around here find rodeos (two words...animal cruelty) or tractor pulls more interesting. For years (and I do mean YEARS), I thought a tractor pull was a tractor-shaped pool you swam in, until I got dragged to one, wearing my bathing suit under my clothes. Boy, was I disappointed! Hey, I may be Southern born, but it doesn't mean I understand the lingo! I always say there isn't a Southern bone in my body and I think it's been proven time and time again. It doesn't help that they typically say "pull" like "pool", so how was I supposed to know the difference?

Although I have my blog friends which surrounds me with a close-knit community of the my general, overall, day-to-day world, I mainly feel alone most of the time and I hadn't realized how much alone I've been feeling lately. There is no one around me that shares my interests (except maybe Disney and Avengers and that's one person), but even he has his limitations conversation-wise. But the conversation with my Sister was a reminder that I'm not really alone at all because she can speak anything I throw at her and vice versa, and if not, we learn something new from one another. Granted, she has to adapt more to her outside surroundings than I do and fitting in is more important to her, so she essentially has to dumb herself down sometimes. That's not something I'm willing to do just for outside acceptance, but her mental issues are in another plane than mine, so she has to exhibit more "normal" airs than I do to get that acceptance, but ultimately, at the heart of it, we are the same and I will never be truly alone as long as I have her. And I think it made her feel better not having to play dumb, even if only for a few hours! I just have to remember to reach out every now and again and I think that, once I get this house built and move back to my hometown where she lives, that will help both of us. Or at least that's the plan.

But enough doom and gloom. So I didn't stitch the week before and I didn't stitch last week either...not until yesterday. For some reason though, I kept falling asleep yesterday. I NEVER do that! so alas, my stitching progress is once again abysmal. I left off here last time:
And made it to here before I finally gave up:
I'm not sure if it's because I've gone from finishing two very small projects to a fairly midland project to the largest in my stash, but I'm just not feelin' Alice and the B's, so I've decided that maybe I need to switch to another one and maybe I'll get my stitch mojo back. Granted, we are on the heels of Avengers Endgame, so I might as well say that the next two weeks are probably useless anyway, but I'm going to try. These are strange days we are in right now and I just don't think my head is in any game.

Weakly Stitching (and yes, I mean weak)

Last week was HORRIBLE! Between work killing me and my lack of focus, stitching just didn't rank very high on my "to do list" last week. I stitched one night for about two hours. Obviously, I was starting row 5 of Alice and the B's clean (and clean is also a weak comment considering it's been sitting around for over a year and it's obviously EXTREMELY dirty), but this is as far as I got:
Pitiful...I'm almost ashamed to show this off! So, even though today is just as sucky as last week (if not more so), I'm going to say that I'm starting Alice and the B's two week rotation over today and not even count last week. We'll see how the next two weeks go and judge from there. I'm hoping that today isn't the measuring stick for the rest of the week or I might be in trouble.

I could have done some stitching this weekend, but I've been in such an Avenger's mood and I've started replacing my Blu-Rays with 4Ks (for all the ones out on 4K anyway). I started rewatching them in chronological order on Friday night, so I started with Captain America (of course). But apparently, even though I've watched those movies dozens of times, I apparently don't technically "watch" them because I'm usually stitching at the same time, and I realized I technically haven't seen those movies in a really long time! I ended up watching each more than once, watching all the special features, etc, but it meant, that by Sunday, I had only made it to Iron Man 3, barely a third of the way through the series. So mid Sunday, I took an "Avenger's break" and watched the second series of Sabrina, ending the entire weekend with no stitching. From Thor 2 on, I have watched the rest of the movies visually pretty recently since they are on various streaming platforms, so I think I can go back to stitching without any focusing problems (if work will slow down a bit).

On the home plan front, I have once again settled on a couple of plans that are averaging about 1900-1950 or so sqft in size. I'm trying to cut them down, but each one have their challenges and it's a lot easier to add square footage than to take it away, and that's basically what I've done, taken 1800 sqft plans and increased them in size for Disney or craft room purposes. There are tons of things that plans have that I don't necessarily need (like useless double sinks in the master bath) and things that I do need (like a Disney room) that won't be good for resell, but I decided I needed to stop focusing on the issue of reselling it and focus more on my important stuff (I can live with two sinks, but I can't live without Disney space). I'll be living there until I'm dead and, after that, it will be my family's problem to sell the house, not mine. I just need to be comfortable while I'm alive and that's all that matters right now (well that, and I have to be able to afford to live there until I die, so I can't too carried away). Once I decide on a house plan, I can set it aside and not focus on it for a while and go back to just focusing on paying down credit cards. Then, as time gets closer to building, I can revisit the plan and see how I feel about it. If it still sticks with me, then it's a keeper! Besides, I guess my Sister and Brother-in-Law have final say anyway since they are the ones building it at cost, so ultimately, they get the yeas and nays anyway (unless it's just something I feel passionate enough about and I doubt they will fight me too hard on those issues).

So here's hoping for a better week of stitching, if nothing else!

Weekly (pitiful) Stitching

Well, Roswell turned out WAY better than I was expecting (at least the first time...more on that in a minute), so much so, that I apparently couldn't watch and stitch at the same time because I was mesmerized! So I literally didn't stitch any this week except for an hour on Saturday and Sunday, bad me! I left off here last week:
And my pitiful excuse of stitching ended here for my rotation of this piece:
I debated going ahead with a third week considering it got no love in week two, but I decided to stick to my routine and move on. I'm going with Alice and the B's next, and I honestly can't believe I haven't touched them since Nov 2017, but I guess that would be about right, all things considering and I REALLY miss working on a HAED! So I guess I'll be starting on row 5:
Once I finished Roswell the first time, I was hooked and started watching a second time (even bought the digital versions from Amazon). I am a sucker for teen-angsty love dramas and LOVED it! But, on the second go-round, I got hit with a realization that, if you take away all the alien stuff, the normal teenage relationship stuff is something this show does a bit TOO well. When I was a teenager, I didn't know I was an Asper, I just knew I was different and didn't get a chance to go through what everyone else did, although I saw it all around me and was EXTREMELY jealous of it. I spent my entire youth miserable because I didn't understand what was wrong with me, why I couldn't have what everyone else did, why I didn't attract boys (although, whenever I did, I made a concerted effort to push them away) and why I didn't have a group of girlfriends (although I can't stand to be in a group of girls, even today). I wanted to be a "normal" kid so bad, I made myself miserable and it took me until my late 20's to realize I wouldn't ever be normal and that was OK and it was really me causing the "stay away" vibes in the first place and, if I wanted to attract people, I needed to turn that switch off. To this day though, I haven't felt the need to flip that switch for more than a few minutes or days and I'm OK with that now, oh the joy that is hindsight! The second viewing of Roswell hit home a bit too hard and I almost felt like I was back in high school all over again and all these weird feelings came back to the surface and there is really no need to drudge up my own high school horrors, self-inflicted or not! Maybe next time I want to watch Roswell, my head won't be in this space, although I'm not sure what triggered it the second time around and not the first...weird! So I'm back to watching Agents of SHIELD...safer territory I think since I'm still trying to curb my Once habit.

On the new home front, I learned that it's going to have to be bigger than I initially planned due to subdivision restrictions (and all brick, yet another expense I wasn't counting on), which is weird because my Sister has been the one pushing for small...a fact I've been fighting against this entire time! My trailer is a bit less than 1200 sqft. A 1400-1500 sqft house (her size suggestion) isn't THAT much bigger to make a noticeable difference in space for me considering all my junk, it's barely an extra bedroom, but my Sister has been saying that "houses are different than trailers, and have more space". I'm not sure how that is particularly bedroom is 14x16, my living room is 16x18 and I have a HUGE bathroom and none of the 1400-1500 sqft plans I've looked at have come close to my room dimensions because of that extra bedroom taking up space. I was thinking more 1600-1700 and the plan I had worked out was about 1700 (and that still had me worrying about cost). But now I have to be in the 1800-2000 range and yes, I can definitely work with that (craft room!)...but now I'm not sure how they can build me a house that size in my price range, even at cost. Cost of living is a LOT cheaper down here, so it's about $100/sqft for the average house, but still, even if I could afford it at whatever they charge me to build it, it's still an average of $180,000-$200,000 house in property taxes and insurance and I'm not sure I could afford that.

Plus, now I have to find YET ANOTHER house plan I like that will fit in the subdivision they are planning. Ugh! Well, at least I still have at least another year or so of credit card debt paying-down to go before I even THINK about starting all this mess. I usually spend a YEAR researching something as simple as a camera or a TV before I buy it, can you imagine what a pain I would be building something as complicated as a house? Even if they are building it at cost or less, there are still certain things I'm going to be ticky about and want done a certain way and, my goodness what a monster I would be with the research!! Gas vs electric, water heater vs tankless, wood vs vinyl vs ceramic vs carpet, fireplace or head is spinning with the options! About the only things I'm certain of are colors...whites, grays, and purples. I've tried to look at some of these things now, but it just starts to make me sick. I can barely deal with the house plan issue. I'm really glad I quit school, because I definitely couldn't deal with regurgitated teen-angst, work, school and building a house! My Brother-In-Law is going to HATE me once this is all finished! They say building a house is the number one cause of ruining a marriage...I might be the end of my Sister's marriage!

Weekly Stitching - a bit on the late side

I was on "vacation" last week which, as we all know, means I still had to get up every single day and drag my sorry butt into work and do those lovely little tasks that only I can do as well as handle multiple phone calls and texts throughout the day. Yea me. Despite the put-in hours, I still managed to get horribly behind on my job and have struggled to get caught up, hence the late post. I did get quite a bit of stitching done on the Bride though. I left off here last time:
And finished Sunday night here:
Her face looks a bit freaky right now, but I'm excited to see a little Freddy head appearing! I've decided to go in two week rotations, so I'm continuing with her this week although, at least so far, I haven't been able to touch her because I've been getting home so late.

I finished up Agents of SHIELD, and lets just say, there is a reason why I don't watch active shows anymore...I HATE sucky cliffhangery season finales! At least I don't have to wait the well-over-a-year that every other watcher of the show has had to endure, but still! UGH! I now know why I continue to watch Once Upon A Time over and over again, I always know there is a happy ending at the end, even through a weird season 7, the loyal fans were rewarded with the best ending ever and I can always count on that!

But, even though I went back and finished up my current Once rotation, I managed not to start another round and got distracted with some other shows (at least for now). I watched the Jack Ryan series on Amazon, which typically wouldn't be my thing, but it wasn't half bad. I'm now watching Roswell. I'm trying hard not to dwell too much on the whole Supernatural-ending thing (although Roswell might not have been the best choice since Jensen Ackles was on that show for a while). Granted, it was probably time for Supernatural to end because, let's face it, the past couple of seasons haven't been that great other than an episode or two here and there, but still. I was just commenting to a co-worker on Friday afternoon, after bitching about Agents of SHIELD and that sucky season 5 ending (especially when they didn't know if they were gonna get renewed at the time), that at least I could always count on Supernatural to always be around because it would never get cancelled, not unless the actors pulled the plug and then WHAM! Four hours later, the Tweet went out that the plug had been pulled! So much for stability! And I seriously doubt Supernatural will get a Once Upon A Time-type happy ending. It would defy the very nature of the show. There will be a lot of death and tears I figure. Great...Infinity War all over again without the possibility of a reprieve with Endgame!

Weekly Stitching - finally a finish!

I piddled all week with Rapunzel...I should have had it finished in one night...instead, I spread it out over three days and barely got it finished at all in the week! I left off here last week:
Finished the row on Saturday:
And here it is in all its glory:
I wish I had a dime for everytime I kept knocking my stand over, which in turn would also knock over my cup of iced tea. I would check my fabric to make sure I never got tea on it, but apparently I missed a spot or two because, once I ironed off the grid lines, there were tea spots everywhere. Hopefully, washing it will clean it up. If not, I guess I will have to make sure the framing covers them. You can see them much better without all the grid lines:
And it's also amazing how quickly I finished Rapunzel (151.63 hrs), so maybe my speed is picking up. Oh, and just for the record, here is the size difference between Rapunzel and Snow and Charming, although I figure they will still frame up the same if I don't matt Rapunzel:
I guess it also shows how different cross stitch can be. No two projects could be so different! I do admit, I prefer full coverage with 1x1 and more realistic, but everyone is different.

I knew immediately that I wanted to go back to The Bride Dollmaker from GeckoRouge, so that's where I went back to Saturday night. Here's what she will look like when finished, for those who haven't seen here in a while (or not at all):
I left off at the first row finish back in January of 2018 when I was regular stitching:
And my attention level was pretty short both Saturday night and Sunday, so this is where I made it to (sad, I know):
I still haven't decided if I'm stitching in rotation for two weeks at a time, or a row at a time, but I'm just kind of going with the flow right now.

No spoilers, but I will say that Captain Marvel was good, but I'm still extremely worried about Endgame since it didn't really answer any of those questions. But it did answer a TON of questions for Agents of Shield, so I went back to watching that show again and, at least for now, my Once habit has been under control for a whole week! Let's see how long it lasts.

There is also really exciting news on the new house front. I've been working hard to pay down my debt, and it's going to take a while, I have a two-year plan, but I've got it down to two house plans and I'm pretty happy with either one. My brother-in-law and his partner has bought a chunk of land to start their own subdivision and I get to pick my own plot, so all should be good there too. I get a nice house in a much safer town (even if it's one I spent my entire childhood trying to get out of), built at cost (maybe less), and can finally have what I truly want, an adult house with a place for the Disney stuff that doesn't take over every square inch of space. I'll be able to give the puppies a yard to play in and to have a yard myself for a garden. Granted, I'll have to get up earlier because I will have a bit longer commute, I won't have as fast internet or access to all the amenities living in a bigger town offers, but I'm cool with that. I'll keep you guys updated as this story develops. As of now, it almost feels too good to be true and I don't want to spoil or ruin it.