Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"I" - A to Z Challenge - Walt Disney World

"I" isn't as difficult as you might think, as there are some great "I" things at Disney World!

Let's start with the most glaring - It's A Small World! A very simple ride, but the ride that has moved a world, both literally and figuratively! Even people who haven't been to WDW know IASW! Most people find it annoying, but I can't even imagine such a thing (and yes, I have been trapped on it, although not very long). Designed mainly and inspired by by the great Disney graphic artist Mary Blair (no relation that I know of), and featuring the song of Disney songs, written by the Disney legends, the Sherman Brothers, IASW is beautiful in a simple, but childlike manor...very Disneyish!

My major chore every trip is to try to get a picture of my favorite doll, but it's harder than you think because it's right in the beginning and the first couple inside never turn out right, no matter what camera I use, but try I do, again and again!

Fun fact, there are only two American dolls in the entire ride..at the very end...can you spot them?:

Then, moving on to Illuminations - Reflections of Earth, the nightly fireworks extravaganza in Epcot. Not my favorite, but it's more because of the crowds than anything and the fact that it hasn't had a major revamping in years. Now, here I go with another rant, but it must be said...if I get somewhere and get my place for fireworks, parade, or whatever, then just because you show up at the last minute with your children in tow, doesn't mean that you can butt in front of me, or worse, move me aside just because you have little ones! I paid my money to be there just like you did and you should have gotten there sooner! Kids don't rank above me (although I will stay seated so they can see over me-I'm not a total heartless bitch) and kids aren't more important because Disney is a "kids place". That's just stupid! Trust me, I love Disney a lot more than most anybody and I, Asperger's or not, am more excited than your kids are! You're two year-old won't remember, you're ten your old won't enjoy standing there for the 20 minutes the show lasts, and your fifteen year-old could care less. It never fails to amaze me that people think that kids are their excuse for all manner of sins...line-butting, littering, guest abuse (yes, I will scold your kid if he kicks me, I don't give a rats ass if it pisses you off or not), hollering, bad stroller driving, and many other forms of stupidity. There are some things my non-kid loving self has to put up with in WDW because there are so many kids there and I get it, but rudeness, from children or adults alike, will NOT be tolerated!

Sorry, got off topic...Illuminations...it's a fireworks show, it's a water show, it's a laser light show, but different from Fantasmic in that it's not Disney related but more worldly themed considering it's in World Showcase. Each country lights up (excluding Morocco, for religious reasons, and Norway, for the simple fact that it just wasn't part of World Showcase when Epcot started, so it's not part of the show). Like I said, it's not my favorite, but I do love listening to it more than watching it, and, as per usual, there is a CD of the show available for purchase at WDW. But here are some pics:

(example of rude people who not only showed up late, but refused to sit):

Next up, ICE WINE!! - I didn't used to be a drinker, at all...I was married to an alcoholic, the alcoholic gene runs strong in my family, and I had a really bad grandfather who was one of the worst alcoholics and human beings on the planet, but I digress. ICE WINE (and yes, I must do it all caps because there is a certain amount of shouting that occurs when I say it outloud) turned me into a wine lover, so I have a lot to be appreciative for! My first taste was in the Canadian pavilion in Epcot at Le Cellier (which I have also reviewed here). Every year I say I'm gonna get a bottle of the Inniskillin and they sell it at one of the stores in the pavilion, but I chicken out everytime because it's $80 a bottle, and for a dessert wine, is a lot of money for me! Especially since dessert wines come in much smaller bottles. Instead I just settle for what I can get at home which is about $30 and just as good!

Food and Wine festival Inniskillin (sometimes they have the Chateau des Charmes Vidal, and it's not as good) with Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup:

And it in it's full form at Le Cellier - cost?  $16 for this tiny amount!!

Indian Burial Ground Resort - OK, OK, I know I gotta stop calling it that...and I've already blogged as to why I do, but in my warped mind it's just as real a name as it's actual counterpart, Grand Floridian Resort, and it IS an "I" word, so I'm including it!

"I" was shorter than I normally do, but I figured it might be appreciated!


Kate said...

Still laughng over the rant.

Nicki Elson said...

Oh yummy, Ice Wine - never had it but it looks so goood. It better be for $16 a pop!

I'm with you on the kids thing - it's no excuse to be rude. I'm sorry to say I'm not with you in It's a Small World. One time on that ride turns out to be all I need for this lifetime. But I do always go on the boat ride in the Mexico pavillion, which my kids call "Mexican Small World."

Oh, I forgot to tell you I found the Hidden Mickey in J - middle of the drain thingy. :)

Vickie said...

Small world is fun but after a few minutes it drves me crazy! I still have to ride it each year!