Sunday, February 12, 2012

Resort/restaurant review - Indian Burial Ground Resort

I've had enough dealing with Ferg-id and his erratic moods.   It's time to get back into full Disney mode!

I'm going to do a review of a resort I've never actually stayed at, but I've taken tea at several times, The Indian Burial Ground Resort, or, as most people know it, The Grand Floridian Resort And Spa.

I guess I should first explain why I call it The Indian Burial Ground Resort!  Ever been to a place that gives you a "vibe"?  My spidey-sense is stronger than most people.  Most Asper-girls typically have stronger than normal senses;  hearing, vision (except in my case, I have keratoconus so my vision totally sucks), smell, taste, touch, and some have a stronger sixth sense as well (a higher than normal sensitivity to energy, not psychic, 98% of psychics are fakes).  But this energy sensitivity is why Asper-girls aren't keen on people...their energy can be overwhelming and also why we are good judges of character - you can lie through your teeth about who you are, but your energy can't be faked.  Another reason why a lot of Asper-kids don't like to be touched...they don't understand why people make them feel weird so they shy away from people coming near them...I'm still that way, I don't like to be touched, I'd prefer people keep their juju to themselves!  But I digress.

Now, to clarify, I've never felt or seen a ghost at the GF, it's just a negative vibe over the whole Gettysburg or New Orleans or The Biltmore or Arlington or Key West or any other site with a history.

Moving on...Here it is from the beach at the Polynesian - it's modeled after the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego (another famously haunted location BTW).

Here's the tea room:

Here's our spread...depending on what package your get, you get different options,  but we usually do the Grand Tea.  Normally I prefer a dark black tea, but they have a special Garden View blend (that you can also buy in a tin to take home, as well as all the other teas they sell) that is pretty similar to a Lady Grey with the citrus-y Bergamot flavor, but it has hints of Assam and Keemun as well.  I'm a total tea snob and I really love this tea...that says a lot!

We've done it several times and plan on doing it again this trip since we didn't do it last time.  It's definitely well worth the experience!

If you'd like to peruse the choices, here's the direct link at All Ears for the menu.

Now, as far as the resort itself goes, Am and Matt stayed their for their anniversary and she loves it (but keep in mind this is a girl who's not only been to the real Hotel del Coronado, but the Queen Mary, the Biltmore, The Winchester House and numerous other haunted locations...and has no problems, she actually enjoys them...need I say more?  And people say I'm the weird one!).

So there you go...The Indian Burial Ground Resort!  If you have no qualms about high energy locations, give it a shot!  It is a beautiful resort, it has some great shops (and it's own private Basin store), but, if you are like me, just spend an hour in the tea room...the lingering energy wears off pretty quickly once you get back into a park!


Mattysam said...

It's always my butt or the girls in your pictures...

Keebles said...

They apparently want their picture taken for some reason...or all my cameras have been boys! Do they make girl cameras?