Sunday, January 29, 2012

Disney Restaurant Review - Le Cellier

You can't talk about Disney World and NOT mention the food! That's just crazy! What a better way to start with this series of reviews than with my personal favorite, Le Cellier Steakhouse, which just happens to be, in all places, in the Canadian Pavilion in Epcot. OK, I already know what you're thinking, "how can Canadian food be the best food Disney World has to offer?". Honestly, it's probably not the actual "best" food...Le Cellier is about more than just the food (although I'd be hard-pressed to come up with many better places on property), but it also has great theming, and in Disney, theming (as you'll come to realize with me is very important in every aspect) is just as important as actual food taste. Like it's name, it's set in an actual cellar atmosphere. The seating is divided into the regions of Canada and each region's server is actually from that area of Canada (as with all of World Showcase in Epcot, the CM's - remember? Cast Members?) are from the actual countries they are working in, so Canadians are in Canada, Britain are in the UK, Chinese are in China, etc. Most the food is likewise shipped in from that particular country (and the rest is grown right on Disney property - which is why your tomato might look like a Mickey head!).

The Canadian pavilion has some of the nicest CM's in all of Disney World, hands down. I don't know if that's just because Canadians are generally nice people (shout out to my Canadian friends!) or what, the UK Pavilion is second (only because I encountered a particularly nasty CM in the tea shop one year I still haven't forgotten you chick), while the Mexican and the Moroccan are the worst (nothing against those nationalities, I don't know why they are always the worst!), which is a real shame because the Moroccan pavilion is my favorite! It's stunning! Which is why I can overlook the rude CM's! Kill with kindness...

Here's some pics (yes, we take pictures of our food...those on the DisBoards won't be shocked by this, but we didn't start until '05, so the pics start there):

The best thing about Le Cellier, is three things: pretzel bread, cheddar cheese soup, and ice wine. Now, if you go during the Food & Wine Festival, you can get these things without actually making a reservation at Le Cellier! At the Canadian booth, they always have all three of these items (although they do shift from the Inniskillin to the Vidal Ice Vine year to year and I prefer the Inniskillin). But without further ado:

Now, when it comes to the main course, I always get the same thing...year after year...without fail...Canadian Prime New York Strip. Am gets different things upon occasion, but I'm a creature of habit and comfort and the New York Strip is what I like, so it's what I get (medium rare with a faint sound of "moooo")! You can litterally cut it with a fork it's so tender! But here it is through the years:

no '99 or "04 pic, but here's '05:



I couldn't get a ressie for '08, so didn't eat there that year, but here's '09:

and lastly '10 (you thought I was kidding when I said I got the same thing every year, didn't you? I do the same thing at every restaurant we eat at...wait until I do the Pecos Bill review! I have on average 2-4 Taco Salads per trip!!):
did get risotto that year instead of Yukon golds...that was different and got au gratin potatoes in '09...I'm a wild one who does live on the edge occasionally!!

It's the hardest restaurant to get ressies for, I'm online 3 am on the dot at the 120 day point and, even then, like in '08, I still couldn't get in. Now that they've gone signature though (takes two dining credits instead of one - a whole 'nother discussion for another time), maybe it will be easier.

So that's it! My favorite Disney restaurant and my first Disney dining review! My head can't take anymore now, and as much as I hate to admit it, looking at these food pics is making me sick instead of making me hungry and I don't ever want that to happen where Disney food is concerned! Migraine is still lingering and may be trying to make a comeback.

So, from Am and her last Disney German Steiff bear (his name escapes me, but he enjoyed his meal too!) in Le Cellier in '10 (you thought I was going to put up a picture of me, didn't you? Silly people!)...till next time!


Kate said...

Phew...I have read the last three posts about Disney with great interest and wide eyes and open mouthed! I dont think this is likely to change and am really looking forward to more blog posts.

Mattysam said...

His name is Finn...

Abbybeth said...

Ice wine = yum! I like Inniskilin as well and tried to visit their winery the last time I was in Niagara Falls/Niagara on the Lake but it was winter and they had closed early. I loved the cheddar beer soup and have gotten the filet, but didn't get the rave reviews on pretzel bread (blasphemy I know...) Canada and the UK are two of my favorite pavilions. Have you listened to Off Kilter play at all?

Joysze said...

Yummy!!! It's interesting to see the piece of steak get smaller through the years, hehehe.