Monday, April 13, 2015

April A to Z Challenge - Cross Stitch "K" x 2

We are now at "K", my favorite letter of the alphabet next to "B" (for obvious reasons) and for two really great characters in both my charts!

Project #1: Once Upon A Time
"K" is for Captain Hook/Killian Jones.  Next to Charming and Phillip, Killian is my favorite Once man.  He's gone from being a dastardly pirate, to the most dedicated and romantic of heroes.  I like to call him the "bad prince".  He didn't really start out bad but, like a lot of Once villains, was made that way (in his case, by Pan tricking Hook and his brother which resulted in the brother's death). Hook stole Rumple's wife Milah, which technically makes him Henry's step-grandfather (sort of).  He took care of Baelfire for a time as well, so that sort of makes him Emma's sort-of foster father-in-law although they are now quite seriously involved, so that's a bit creepy if I think about it that way.  He's dealt with Pan (of course), had run-ins with Tink, worked for Cora for a time, kidnapped Jiminy, tricked Ariel, stole Ursula's singing voice, and has even pee'd off Blackbeard...dude gets around in more ways than one!  But you just absolutely have to LOVE the facial expressions he cuts from time to time.  I swear I swoon everytime he raises his eyebrows!

Project #2: Veronica Mars
"K" is for Keith Mars, Veronica's father extraordinarire.  Despite that all her problems are technically due to his decisions when he was sheriff, he's still the very model of the perfect father.  I think I can safely say I'm not the only "marshmallow" in the world who wishes they had a daddy like Keith!


Tiffany Pincombe said...

Great stitching and description again! I have a soft spot for dark heroes/villans as well.

Linda said...

Awesome as always Keiley. Your descriptions almost want to make me watch the shows.


Heather said...

Sigh killian is so dreamy...

Stephen Tremp said...

I've never seen Veronica Mars but I know a lot of people liked the show.

Stephen Tremp
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Twitter: @StephenTremp

Liz A. said...

So, what'd you think of Sunday's reveal?

Liz A. from Laws of Gravity

Tama said...

Both look awesome! I really like the Captain Hook pattern.

Angela P said...

Love your Once Upon a Time project!

Vickie said...

so cute!!1 Love Hook from OUAT!!!