Thursday, April 16, 2015

April A to Z Challenge - Cross Stitch "N" x 2


ouat14Project #1: Once Upon A Time
"N" is for Neal Cassidy, aka Baelfire.  Baelfire is the son of Rumple, the father of Henry, and ex-boyfriend to Emma. He was under Hook's care for a while in Neverland and even spent a bit of time living with Wendy and the Darlings.  Neal was a pretty tragic character and, despite my love of the Emma/Hook relationship, I kind of secretly wished she would have ended up with Neal, but alas, it wasn't meant to be.  Whether or not he will be back is debatable, but there is always a chance he could come back (death never seems to be final on Once).

vm14Project #2:  Veronica Mars
"N" is for Eli "Weevil" Navarro was head of the PCH Bike Club (for a while).  Veronica could pretty much make her career on doing nothing but getting Eli out of trouble, but he always has her back when she needs it.  They are friends, although it's a strange friendship without a lot of trust (at least on her side).


Linda said...

I love the little motorcycle. Great stitching. I'm so happy that I'm on the downhill side. This challenge is kicking my behind.


Katy said...

Definitely close to the end! Great job as always!

Kate said...

Great stitching :-)

Jeremy Hawkins said...

Been enjoying your post, you truly are the stitch..

Jeremy [Retro]
AtoZ Challenge Co-Host [2015]

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Vickie said...

Neal looks great!