Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A to Z Challenge - D


Austen Alphabet04
I'm not gaga over Darcy like the general population is, he's more like my third or fourth (or possibly fifth) favorite hero...I personally can't get over his snobbery, but Matthew Macfadyen does help a bit.


Due to the aforementioned age-10 toy debacle, I'm still leery of dolls to this day (my Barbie collection was quite large when I was 10 and when they were given to my sister, I preceeded to destroy them in rather vicious ways), but I do have a few, mainly centered around my favorite princesses (the Rapunzel and Merida dolls I showed yesterday):
Disney D-01
And villains:
But also the Animators Dolls (which I LOVE!). I only wish I had room for more of them!
Disney D-02
I've tried hard to stay away from Frozen merchandise because I don't really care much for the movie, but it's been really hard and I still have my weaknesses...I swore up and down I was NOT going to buy these, but I did, in Disney World no less:
Disney D-04
Olaf is excluded from the Frozen ban, as evidenced here.

I also have a Duffy, the Disney Bear (not technically a doll, but) and several of his outfits, but I never take them off their hangers (it would mess up the packaging)
Disney D-04  Disney D-05
I'm starting to amass enough outfits that I need to get a doll hanger rack for them.


Keith Channing said...

Your collections seem to be so well ordered, maintained and presented. I think this is what separates a true collector from someone who simply wants to have them for the sake of possessing them - if that makes sense.

Keith Channing A-Zing from http://keithkreates.com

Suzanne Sapsed said...

Just went back through your other posts - love your collections!
Suzanne from
Suzannes Tribe

Joysze said...

Luuuuuuuuuurve your Disney collection!! What's not to love, really?!

Linda said...

I have never heard of Duffy, the Disney Bear. I do love your doll collection though.


Tiffstitch said...

Nice Darcy. I will admit to loving Colin Firth's portrayal, but that may be the crush talking. I'd also never heard of Duffy and what makes the Animators dolls different?

Kate said...

Dolls dolls dolls! I love the animator dolls too, kristoff is just adorable :)

craftingpaws said...

Your stitching looks fabulous!
And, I just love your collection of dolls, they are all so pretty.

Crafting Paws

Roslyn Core said...

Lovely stitching as always :) I never really warmed to Darcy in the books, but have always loved Colin Firth's portrayal :)

Bea said...

Have to admit to being another one who has never heard of Duffy - I'll have to check him out. I've never seen Frozen so I have a hard time understanding what all the fuss is about.

I've always liked Darcy, from the book right through the several TV/movie incarnations I have seen of him.

Justine said...

Nope I'm not a Darcy fan either. Far too rude and snobby. I guess he had to be in the Austen sampler though.

Emma Louise said...

Ooh Colin firth as Mr. Darcy ;) I had a Barbie doll that was modelled on Belle from Beauty and the Beast, we bought her on a trip to Florida although I'm not sure if she was bought in a park or just a regular shop. I also bought a café over there for the Barbies, it had baking trays and the oven door opened!

Vickie said...

Your collection has me in AWE!! I have always wanted to get a duffy but never have. I am a Darcy lover!! But only Colin Firth! He is so handsome!

Heather said...

Great stitching and cute dolls :) I'm not a big doll fan in general because they creep me out but I do like the animators dolls.