Friday, April 27, 2012

"X" - A to Z Challenge - Walt Disney World

"X" is gonna be another short one and it was a pretty hard one to come up with more than just one.

The first thing I wanna touch on is the new proposed xPass system that is supposed to be rolled out early next year. This is the NexGen version of the FastPass system. For those that don't know what a FastPass is, it's basically a ticket you get after putting your park pass in a machine. The ticket entitles you to return to whatever ride you're getting the pass for at a prescheduled time and get in the FastPass line, which is a much much shorter line. In some cases, the FastPass line bypasses the entrance queue and you miss a lot of cool stuff (i.e. Expedition Everest...I'd recommend riding this one first normally, then FastPass away!).

Basically, the xPass system gives resort guests (whereas the current FastPass system is open to everyone) a certain number of passes based on how early you booked your trip (the earlier the book, the more passes you get). Then, at a specific advanced reservation date, you schedule your passes. Annual passholders and DVC members get an even higher number of passes.

The problem with it is you'll have to know exactly what specific time you want to ride a specific ride and be there at that time. Planning your days and meals are one thing, but what time you can be a ride is almost too much. They will probably change the proposal numerous times before it is actually implemented, if at all. But it's all that's on the minds of the Disney geeks! The general grumble is that it will be the death of spontaneity...but Disney planners ought to know, there isn't much spontaneity at WDW, not if you want to have a good trip!

Next up, X-S Tech - The company that makes the interplanetary teleportation system at Stitch's Great Escape, but was a lot more prominent in Stitch's previous incarnation...The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter. Alien encounter preshow was voiced by Tim Curry (but the very first incarnation was voiced by Phil Hartman) and the experience was brought to you by the chairman of X-S Tech, Dr. L.C. Clench (voiced by Jeffrey Jones), and your experience was voiced by Kevin Pollak and Kathy Najimy.

When Stitch took over, all the Stitch voice artists replaced Tim, Jeffrey, Kevin, and Kathy, but the original still plays on MouseWorld Radio.

The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter:

Stitch's Great Escape:

Yeah, I know I was scraping the bottom of the barrel with "X", but it's done now!

As an added bonus, to my good friend Kate, I'm gonna add another category - x-stitch! I've done a few Disney projects throughout the years, and, even though they are on my Finished Projects page, I thought I'd show them off again here! I typically will finish a Disney project before any other simply because I'm obsessed with them! When WDW started carrying stitching kits a few years ago, it was like Christmas had finally come! So, without further ado:

The first one I ever did...the iron on for Walt's face has faded throughout the years, so it doesn't look as pretty as it once did:

I actually have another 7 dwarfs stitch in my stash as well, but I haven't done it yet:

The the big mamma:

Almost forgot this one (which I still haven't framed)!

Then, of course, there is my current project:

that will eventually look like:

As far as stash goes, I've still got a couple of Disney kits, but my main focus next will be the Haunted Mansion stretching portraits that I designed myself using X-stitch software!

Now...that's it for X!


Kate said...

I know its not Disney World but I thought you might have mentioned X-stitch - and posted your awesome stitching again :D

Anonymous said...

Those passes sound like too much work. Who could make a trip table with that? LOL