Monday, April 16, 2012

"N" - A to Z Challenge - Walt Disney World

"N" is a pretty common letter, so you'd think I could come up with dozens of WDW things beginning with "N", right? Nope, it was the hardest letter believe it or not, and I'm kind of grasping at straws with this one and my heart won't really be in it, so bear with me till the bear end (BEARS!!).

New Fantasyland - OK, so this isn't a reality yet, and I'm really grasping at straws with the whole "N" thing...but it is an official title, so it counts!! For the first time in Magic Kingdom history, they are adding a new addition to the park! It has changed direction so many times, it's almost hard to keep up with it, but the basic premise is that Mickey's Toontown Fair has gone buh-bye (along with Snow White's Scary Adventures and Ariel's Grotto BTW) and tons of new stuff will be added! is the best source of keeping up with construction news and changes, and I'm there everyday, but I also love to be living so close to Disney World that you can go practically everyday!!

But what will be new, you ask? Well, like I said, it keeps changing, but some aspects are either open now, or will be open by the time we go in October (and others won't be finished until next year). Storybook Circus is the new home to Dumbo, and he's doubled in size! Now there are "dueling" dumbos! We have never actually ridden Dumbo (partly due to the large kiddie quotient, and partly due to my size), but we may have to give it a shot this time. The only left-over from Toontown is Goofy's Coaster which got completely reimagined as well. There is also a newly-themed train station that looks amazing!

They are adding an Ariel-themed ride (similar if not exactly the same as the new one in Disneyland) called Journey of the Little Mermaid, Belle's village including a new restaurant called Be Our Guest Restaurant, there will be a Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride coaster, there will be a huge princess meet and greet area (although I preferred the original idea of making grottos for each princess with their own little castles/houses, but c'est la vie), the 100 Acre Woods gets expanded from Pooh's ride and merges into the new land, and the fairy grotto is still up in the air. Officially, here is the link for the information, but it is a bit outdated.

But this is a more up-to-date look ahead:

For me, a very minute detail that has been closed for years, but I'm really gonna miss, is the Fantasyland Skyway Station. Like I said, it's been closed for years, but it was very aesthetically pleasing, and I just hate that it's gone now! It's also the place where Cinderella's coach sat during Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.

Norway - No, I'm not really a fan of this pavilion in Epcot, but hey, it does begin with "N"! The gift shops are extremely overpriced (although not as high as the American pavilion), the cast members are friendly, but not Moroccan bad either, it's one of the few Epcot pavilions that has a ride (Maelstrom, a troll-themed water flume ride), and it has a restaurant that we have never, and probably will never eat at, partly due to the character meals, and party due to the fare that they serve (I'm not really a fish person or like my food cold). It does have a bakery, but with France just across the World Showcase Lagoon...seriously? Basically, Norway is nothing special, but that's just my opinion...I'm sure other people absolutely love it. Here's a couple of pics and you can make up your own mind:

And I'm gonna stop there (OK, I admit it, I've run out of "N"'s)!

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Vickie said...

you forgot NEMO!!! I love the princess lunch buffet in Norway!!!!