Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q - Disney Alphabet Cross Stitch

It's time for "Q" in my Disney Alphabet Cross Stitch by CloudsFactory. I had to adjust this one a bit to fit under "Q" instead of "E". When I was a kid, she wasn't my favorite villain (obviously that was Maleficent), in fact, I never actually thought of her as a villain. She didn't scare me at all because she wasn't bad just for the sake of being bad, but because she was just overly jealous and envious of Snow.

Like Belle and Jafar, I didn't start respecting this character until Once Upon A Time (can you tell I like the show just a bit?). I love the way her character has progressed and, unlike most of the fan community, I have no issues with her "being good" because I never thought she was bad (and I LOVE the backstory reasons why she became bad on Once...if I would have thought too hard on it as a child, I probably would have come to the same conclusions).

So, here she is, Regina as was, "Q" - The Evil Queen from Snow White:


Linda said...

Love this one.


Cathy said...

Good one!

SoCal Debbie said...

She looks great! Love that her eyeshadow matches her dress.