Friday, April 8, 2016

A to Z Challenge - G


This was also my first goof of the stitching process so far...I miscounted how far down to start him and ended up making him a row taller than he should be. I compensated by just making his boots taller (since he does walk a lot between his home and Emma's, then I figured that walking boots should be taller.)
Austen Alphabet07
Until the Jonny Lee Miller version, I wasn't really a fan of Knightley, but Jonny makes every character better so now he's managed to jump up from last to second to last (in case you were wondering, Edward Ferras is last).


I rarely ever drink out of Disney cups (washing ruins them), so I basically just collect them, but they are the messiest of the bunch (mainly due to the lack of space).
Disney G-01
Disney G-01a
Although there is a bit of order to the lenticular ones:
Disney G-02
Disney G-03
Disney G-04
I have NO clue why I insist on buying so many cups, mugs, tumblers, glasses, etc every single Disney trip, probably because they are cheap.


Random Musings said...

Excellent job on the stitching, I don't think anyone would have spotted the mistake (I certainly wouldn't have!). Love the Disney collection :)

Kate N said...

Good good good!

I am thinking that swarthy, debonair heart throbs may be slightly taller than the norm! :)

Samantha Dunaway Bryant said...

What fun themes and pictures! Thanks for sharing.

@mirymom1 from
Balancing Act

Linda said...

More great stitching Keiley. Your collection of cups, mugs, etc. is amazing. I have about 15 glasses that I bought at McDonald's many years ago. I also still have 2 glasses left that I bought at Taco Bell about 35 - 40 years ago.


craftingpaws said...

Your stitching is fantastic! Really loving the Jane Austen alphabet.
Your collection of cups, etc. is great! (I could never keep that many "glass" glasses around; I would end up breaking them all. We only have plastic cups in my house; I'm a bit clumsy.)

Crafting Paws

Justine said...

Mr Knightley is a bit too clever for his own good in my opinion. He sounds like the type who would wear platform boots to lord it over everyone else!
Great job as always, I'm E joking this sampler so much!

Roslyn Core said...

Beautiful stitching as always. I'm always torn on Mr Knightly, but agree with you on Captain Wentworth :)

Stephanie Faris said...

Hey, at least they're things you can use! I use my travel coffee mugs every day...I just like drinking out of them rather than coffee cups because they keep my drink warm longer.

betty said...

I didn't realize washing them would ruin them! The way they have things displayed in the stores of Disneyland, it is very attractive to make people want to buy things :)

thanks for visiting :)


Bea said...

I'm on the fence about Mr. Knightly, but he's not at the bottom of the list at least. Another wonderful collection.

J.H. Moncrieff said...

Wow, that's quite the collection!

And I'm so impressed by your cross-stiching. I never would have noticed an error.

Tiffstitch said...

I'm not a huge fan of Mr. Knightley either, but your fixing looks good. Nice glasses too.

Vickie said...

Johnny Miller is the best Mr. Knightly...Love all your glasses

Heather said...

Nice stitching! We have several cups too but we use ours :)