Thursday, April 5, 2012

"E" - A to Z Challenge - Walt Disney World

"E" is going to be another easy one because the absolute first thing that popped into my head when I thought of "E" and WDW is none other than:

Earl Of Sandwich!! - It may look like a counter service restaurant, but far from it!  I have never in my entire life had sandwiches like what they serve there!  The meat melts in your mouth like butter, the bread is always fresh, and ya'll know what a weakness for cheese I have!  And God forbid if you should be lucky enough to get the bread pudding before they run out for the day (which happens pretty early)'ll be spoiled for life!!  We eat there multiple times per trip, we get them to go, we pack them in the luggage to fly home with...(when I say "we", of course I mean me and the little wizard in my pocket - Am is pretty good about controlling herself).  I usually get the same sandwich, its called the Original, but I've been known to branch out.  Am is partial to the Full Montague.  But without further ado, here's a couple of years worth of lunches.

Expedition Everest - WDW's newest "roller coaster" addition in Animal Kingdom (I put "roller coaster" in quotes because anyone who has ever been on a "real" coaster knows the Disney version is a bit soft, but you wouldn't expect any less from Disney - it's gotta be family friendly!).  For those that don't know, rides at WDW don't just have a line you stand in, they have "queues".  Standing in line is as much a part of the ride as the ride itself and no where is this more apparent than EE!  The queue is like a yeti museum and you browse through all the "artifacts".  The whole premise of the ride is you board a tea train (yeah, very apropos for me), but unfortunately the tracks have been torn up by the yeti and now he's after you, so the train runs like mad....backwards!

Am was very proud she conquered her first coaster (and I was pretty proud of her as well!).  She rides it like it's nothing now!  Considering she was TERRIFIED of the tamest of rides as a child, it's a definite feat (yeah, Am...I still remember you making them stop the spider mid-air at the Zoo in Memphis with all your screaming!):

Here it is from afar:

That's a lot of pictures for today, so I'm gonna give it a rest here!  But there is also Extra Magic Hours - the bonus perk of resort guests only where one park opens one hour earlier or stays open three hours later (can't say we do the morning EMH, but I do so love the evening EMH!).

Then there is the Emporium...the shop that takes up the entire left side of Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom...boy, have I spent ample hours and funds in there!

The Eat To The Beat concert series, which occurs during the Food and Wine Festival...a free concert that happens in the American Gardens Theater in the American Pavilion.  It seems like no matter what week in October we go though, Boys II Men is always there!  But we have also seen Taylor Dayne and a few others.

And one final food mention....Egg Rolls at the Lotus Blossom Cafe in the China Pavilion.  They are probably no different than any other egg roll on the planet, but because they are in WDW, they taste like magic!  Just don't ever get the Plum Tea!  It will gag you!!

And there you go for "E"!


Kate said...

**quick wave**

Mattysam said...

You should be more proud of me for RNR. I mean seriously...upside down! Thank you Steven Tyler and Joe Perry for getting me through it.

Mattysam said...

And EOS has the best sandwich evah, bar none.

KarenG said...

Oh man that sandwich looks amaaaaazing.

Nice to meet you and I hope you're enjoying the Challenge!

A to Z Challenge Host

DL Hammons said...

Normally those pictures of that sandwich would have made me drool, but I just finished eating a sub that looked very similar to that I'm good! :)

DL Hammons @ Cruising Altitude 2.0
Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

Theresa Milstein said...
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Theresa Milstein said...

That's a fine looking sandwich! My son loves bread pudding. He'd want to eat there.

Keebles said...

Thanks for the welcome to the challenge and the EOS comments! There is no place like it!

Theresa, EOS has good bread pudding, but Raglan Road at Downtown Disney has the best I've ever had in my LIFE!

Yeah Am, But EE was your "first". And I only think of the bruises when I think of RNRC!

Miranda Hardy said...

Love those pictures. I can't wait to go.

Vickie said...

Earl of Sandwhiches is awesome! Expedition Everesr is the best!