Monday, April 23, 2012

"T" - A To Z Challenge - Walt Disney World

I'll try not to be so controversial on "T", but it's gonna be a big one, so lets get going!

Tower Of Terror - My favorite non-Magic Kingdom ride! Most people, other than the Disney geeks of the world, don't know there is a movie based on the ride, but there is, and despite it's cheesiness, it is actually a good movie! It' stars Steve Guttenberg and a very young Kirsten Dunst, and, I must say, I wish the ride was more like the movie than what it is! The movie is about the ghosts that are stuck in the Hollywood Tower Hotel because of a freak accident, whereas the ride is somewhat the same, but it's got more Twilight Zone elements, not so much about the ghosts. You take the service elevator because the main elevator is broken in a hotel that is stuck in time to the moment of the "big accident" and you enter the Twilight Zone. Most people think it's just your basic elevator drop ride, but this one has a twist! You don't just go up and down, but forwards and backwards as well!

But I gotta rant again, just a bit...if your kid is whiny and crying that they don't want to ride something...DON'T MAKE THEM!! I've seen it dozens of times...parents drag the kid on kicking and screaming but when the kid gets off, they loved it and want to ride again and they all walk away like a happy little family. But they don't think about all the other people around them that had to ride with the screaming kid ruining their ride. Maybe it was their only chance to ride for the day and now their only memory of the ride is a bloody screaming kid!! There ought to be a law against it! One thing I've noticed more than anything at Disney World is that parents can't see what going on around them past their kids own happiness, even if their kids are ruining other people's holiday! I know I don't have kids, and probably don't understand because of that, but I'd like to think if I did have them, I wouldn't be so inconsiderate about the people around kid wouldn't scream, kick or hit strangers! I understand kids have meltdowns sometimes, I still have them, but that's what afternoon breaks are for...getting your kid at the parks at opening and staying till closing is just plain stupid!! It's a recipe for meltdown city! Soapbox dismount (for now).

But here are some pics of the queue and ride:

The Tea Caddy - In the United Kingdom in Epcot, the Tea Caddy is the reason why I'm a tea snob now! Yes, Twinnings has a US store, but they are very limited on their selection and are often out of most of the British flavors, so I must visit this jewel every trip to get my stash caught up! It's a veritable smorgasbord of tea, candy, and various tea items and has some of the nicest CM's in Epcot, second only to the Canadian Pavilion! Plus, it's a beautiful building with a proper English garden behind it! And, the best thing of all, since Twinnings is the official tea of Walt Disney World, no matter where you get a glass, you are guaranteed NOT to get a glass of crappy Lipton!

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover - This thing has had more name changes than P Diddy, but I still absolutely love it! It's the thing you ride when you're tired, hot, and in meltdown status because it's relaxing, familiar, and just plain cool!!

How about a video this time?

T-Rex Cafe - and you thought I forgot about the food didn't you? The sister to Rainforest Cafe, T-Rex is about, you guessed it...dinosaurs! Instead of a storm every 30 minutes, you get a meteor shower! T-Rex is the only time that someone in Disney World hit on me instead of my sister (even if it was a female cast member...leave it to me to attract the wrong sex!). But without further ado:

Toy Story Pizza Planet - the pizza at WDW is the same no matter where you eat, for the simple reason that they have created a machine that makes pizzas en masse! So, as far as the taste goes, Pizza Planet is no different...but if you want a good, cheap place to eat in Hollywood Studios, this is your best bet! Themed after the Pizza Planet restaurant from the movie Toy Story, it's basically just an arcade on the inside, but has some lovely seating on the outside facing Muppet Vision 3D.

Then, on the final food hunt, we have Tangierine Cafe (yes, I spelled it correctly, as in Tangiers) in Morocco in Epcot.  I have gotten a shawarma platter before, but my main reason for repeat visits is this beauty -

Tabouleh!! I absolutely love the stuff! It's like Moroccan salsa! I just eat it pure with a spoon!

I'm gonna end here and this is a last big one of the bunch...they start getting smaller from here! Honorable mention to Trend-D at Downtown Disney, it has Disney items but with a couture flair. I have to give it honorable mention because it doesn't cater well to the pooh-sized in the clothing department, but it does have some amazing purses and jewelry!

And that's the end of "T"!


Kate said...

Great pics! I am shocked nay horrified that you didnt mention Tetley (as in T for Tetley), I know its not at Disney but lets not get picky! lol!

Mattysam said...

I'm shocked you didn't do the video of me eating a French Dip at T-Rex...

Keebles said...

I'm hoping that this time I can find some Tetley...or at least Jaffa Cakes and're spoiling me!!

I didn't think you'd appreciate it, Am...but I can if you want me to!

Theresa Milstein said...

So many T things at Disney! I've never been to Florida, let alone Disney. Such a great variety of pictures.

Anne said...

Hey! Thanks for posting Disney spots here. I'm actually going to be there in 2 months and I can't wait to visit the spots that you mentioned especially the T-Rex Cafe. Will include this in our Orlando Theme Parks escapade.

Joysze said...

I love the ToT!!! I have happy memories of the first time we went on it. We were all excited, looking at everything on the way into the elevator.... was scared shitless, came off it, showed our shaking hands at each other and said "let's go again!!!" LOL!