Tuesday, March 29, 2016

April A to Z Challenge Prep Work

I know today is Tuesday and I should be doing a Top 10 Tuesday, but since this week's topic is bucket lists and I've overexhausted that topic with my now-defunct Bucket List Fridays, I'm gonna skip this week's post. And, unfortunately, I'm going to bow out of April's Top 10 lists as well because of the A to Z Challenge. As always though, go over to Kate's and Tiff's blogs to see their Top 10's (or Top 5) for the week and if you want to join in, just let Kate know!

On the A to Z front, I've finally decided on a Disney subject for my second topic...My Disney Collection. There is no rhyme or reason to the way I collect Disney stuff (although there are definite themes) but there is enough that I can do a whole alphabet on it.

I've been collecting Disney things since I was little...well, until I turned 10 when my parents deemed me an adult and gave all my toys to my baby sister (there is a fine line between "toys" and "collectibles" in my book), but I've told that story numerous times and there is no need to stab a dead horse (although I may have to jab it a couple of times because that's just how I roll). Once I left home, I started re-collecting all the old toys I use to have, as well as started acquiring new stuff.

Some of it comes from Disney World, but most of it comes from the likes of eBay, Wal-Mart and even Dollar Tree. If it's Disney and I've got a couple bucks in my pocket, I shall have it! Thankfully, my family knows that when giftable holidays come around, the best gift is always the Disney gift.

I'm notorious for buying things "new in box" just so I can open the box myself, so I doubt the value of my collection is worth the material it's made with. I don't collect to re-sell or trade (the thought literally makes me sick), but just for my own enjoyment (besides, my Asper-ness won't let me lose any of it anyway). I don't have any expensive pieces (because I'm poor), but boy would I be in trouble if I ever won the lottery! There are also very few things I collect in their entirety, I tend to just get the pieces that correspond to my favorite characters, so their lack of completion also degradates their value.

For years, I had just a "duck room" (can you tell who my favorite character is?), but eventually it spread out in my tiny little mobile home until almost every room has been taken over. I doubt I'll ever be able to afford a "real" house, but if I did, I would need a humongous duck room because I miss having everything together. There is still and order to the collections (thanks OCD!), but I'm way to old to have toys all over my bedroom (and bathroom, and kitchen, etc).

I'm not going to show everything I have, mainly because it would take too much time to photograph everything, but also because I do occasionally use items as backgrounds for other blog posts, so I need to keep a bit of mystery (and also a tiny bit because I don't like to touch or rearrange stuff too much). We'll see how it goes, but I think I'm more excited about this section than the actual stitching!

For the stitching part, prep work has begun. I've gathered all the supplies:
Austen Alphabet00a
I had to make some tough decisions, specifically which fabric to use and I'm still not sure I picked the right one, but everything is in order now. I went with Picture This Plus's Jazz 18ct Aida.
Austen Alphabet00b
I'm just waiting to get started! See everyone Friday!


Tiffstitch said...

Nice prep work and great idea for a second topic. I think Kate wanted to put the Top 10 Tuesdays on break for April because she's doing the challenge as well, so no worries there. I need to get my post up now that you've reminded me. Thanks!

Linda said...

I'm so excited to see your Disney collection Keiley. Nice prep work.


Kate said...

Yep! It's on hiatus for April! When I'll be playing catchup :)

Heather said...

I'm glad you settled on a plan I wonder what you "D" will be... ;). Good luck with your stitching!

Vickie said...

So excited!!!! Can't wait to see your collection!!!!

Bea said...

Looking forward to your posts.