Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April A to Z Challenge - Cross Stitch "A" x 2

Yea! It's time for the very first day of the April A to Z Challenge!  I've done a theme reveal, I've done a prep post, and I've even done back-stories for the shows, so I guess it's now time to get down to business!

All in all, both cross stitch projects went well, but it's early days yet and we're starting off a bit easy (which is probably a good thing considering I've been living in headache land).

I may have mentioned once or twice (or a hundred times) that Sleeping Beauty is my all-time favorite Disney movie and it's what drew me to art. I am VERY protective of her and of "the brand", so to speak and, as much of a OUAT fan as I am and how ever easily I may overlook their takes on characters and the subtle (or even sometimes drastic) changes from their Disney origins, the handling of all the Sleeping Beauty characters is my biggest (and probably only real) sore spot with the show.  But I'm still hopeful that they will rectify it eventually, especially since Maleficent has such a strong presence in the second half of the fourth series.

Project #1: Once Upon A Time
"A" stands for Aurora, OUAT's spoiled, naive, selfish, scared little Princess (definitely not like the cartoon version). She and Phillip finally got their happy ending (although the details are a bit sketchy since he died when his soul was ripped from his body and dragged to the underworld by a wraith, they haven't explained how it was returned...yet), they have a baby on the way (last time we left her), and has no idea that Mulan is secretly in love with her.  I haven't seen her in Storybrooke (yet), but word is, she's there and about to meet her old nemesis once again!

Project #2: Veronica Mars
"A" is for Aaron Echolls, movie star extraordinaire, father (and beater) of son Logan, cheating husband of Lynn, adoptive father of Trina, and murderer and attempted murder of...well, let's keep that a spoiler for those that haven't seen it, shall we?
Granted, the pictures are a bit blown out, but it's not only macro'ed, but cropped as well, so that's why.  I'm so glad the V Mars project was easy...I'm not sure I could have handled something more difficult today.


Roslyn Core said...

Off to a fantastic flying start! I agree about Aurora- not the most loveable of characters. Neither's Aaron for that matter...

Kate said...

Wonderful start! They both look terrific. I hope your headaches get better soon.

Heather said...

Great start aurora is my favorite too although Thani and Merida are right up there with her. She's just been my fave longer. I also hate how they handled her in ouat

Susan Kane said...

Lovely cross stitching!

Over from the A2Z!

Anonymous said...

Looking good! Can't wait to see more!

Hi from Nagzilla bloghopping A to Z

Katy said...

Hey, that Aurora looks familiar! :-) Great job on both!

Tama said...

Awesome start! Love your stitching and your character explanations, too :D

Tiffany Pincombe said...

Great start on both!

Linda said...

Lovely starts Keiley. I'm doing this challenge because of you. Come by my blog if you get the time.


Kate N said...

Looking good :) I still have it stuck in my head t hat aurora is blonde! *sigh*
I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Vickie said...

I forgot about this plot line....thanks for the reminder.