Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April A to Z Challenge - Cross Stitch "X" x 2

"X" is always a hard one. Ironically though, both of my X's are the same name, both died tragically, and both followed their leaders unquestionably, they are very much different characters overall.

ouat24Project #1:  Once Upon A Time
"X" is for Felix, the head "lost boy".  On Once Felix is Pan's right hand.  A bit on the older side for a Lost Boy, he would do anything for Pan, which is what leads to his downfall.

Project #2:  Veronica Mars
"X" is for Felix Toombs, the PCH'er that Logan gets accused of murdering at the end of season 1 (but is ultimately exonerated, although the racial tensions in the show very much mirror our current society and it seemed to be a bit of a commentary on it).  I didn't realize how much I did actually like Felix until he died.  It would have been nice if his relationship with Molly Fitzpatrick would have played out.


Jolie du Pre said...

Beautiful cross stitch!

Precious Monsters

Katy said...

They look great! Almost done!

Linda said...

Looking good. We're almost done.


Stephen Tremp said...

Amazing you have one of these for each letter!

Stephen Tremp
A-Z Co-host
X is for Xenoglossy

Roslyn Core said...

Hahahaha - love that they ended up being the same name! I'd never clicked. Now I'll have to go and see what all my other X's were to see if there are any more Felixes in the fandom world. I like your comparison between these two Felixes