Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April A to Z Challenge - Cross Stitch "S" x 2 & TUSAL


Project #1: Once Upon A Time
"S" is for the Genie/Magic Mirror/Sidney Glass (and he even pulls duty as the Troll Mirror from The Snow Queen fable).  Sidney is one of those characters that has multiple monikers throughout the series. Snow's father finds a Genie's bottle and releases him, but because the King is so content with his life, he uses one of his wishes to free the Genie and gives the other to the Genie to use as he sees fit.  Well, as per usual, magic corrupts and the Genie ends up falling in love with Regina who tricks him into killing the King.  Once the Genie discovers she had no intention of being with him, he uses his wish to "be with her always", but "magic always comes with a price" and he ends up trapped in her mirrors for all eternity.  Storybrooke Sidney, although out of his glass (but ironically that's his surname), still does Regina's every bidding, even though she burns him more than once.  He ends up locked up in her private asylum for a time (which is located beneath the Storybrooke hospital) until she needs him again (although it's once again behind the glass of a mirror), but he does finally get her back by switching sides and attempting to help the Snow Queen (hence his Troll Mirror status).

Project #2: Veronica Mars
vm19"S" is for Sheriff Lamb, of which there are from the show (who meets his untimely end) and his even more corrupt brother who takes over for him in the movie.  But we'll go with Don from the TV show for this square.  Despite his backbiting and dirty politics, I actually liked that Sheriff Lamb!  His banter with both Keith and Veronica were some of the best quips in the show!  I really don't think he was necessarily bad, he did take up for Veronica more than once (even if it was a bit on the down-low), but his brother was just a sleazy creep in the movie with no good qualities whatsoever.

And, as per my usual lately, I completely forgot about April's TUSAL, so here is my ORT jar pic for the month, buried in a sea of ducks:


Jeremy Hawkins said...

You have had some enjoyable pieces shared, keep up the good work.

Linda said...

Love your sea of ducks Keiley. Great stitching and we are almost done.



Stopping in from A-Z. Enjoyed the post. I love cross-stitching.

Katy said...

Great job as always!

Roslyn Core said...

I haven't seen season 4 yet, so looking forward to seeing more of the Magic Mirror. Don Lamb over Dan Lamb any day :)

Kate said...

Very nice :-) I love all the background info you give. Great ort jar amid the sea of ducks :-)

Bea said...

Great orts and I love your ducks!