Saturday, April 16, 2016

A to Z Challenge - N


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I don't think there is anything to say about Miss Norris except again, Karma.


There are certain things I have to buy every single Disney trip because I think I can't do without them (and trust me, it's a LONG list). Most things are year-dated, things like calendars, magnets, pins (of course), cups, T-shirts, and I always try to find some figurine that has the year on it...they used to make little Mickey figures with the year's logo on it, but eventually they changed them and then did away with them altogether, so I'm relegated to ornaments (until that changes too).
Disney N-06
But then there are the things that are just traditional, like the character magnets. When I first started going to Disney World on a regular basis, one of the first thing I ever bought was a Donald plush magnet. It has now become a tradition and I've added Stitch and Figment to the mix as well:
Disney N-01Disney N-03
Disney N-02
They all might look the same, but trust me, there are subtle differences from every year. Since I have more Donalds than the others, you can definitely tell a difference between the first and the last (different colors, stitching, plastic eyes, etc). I find it cool to compare and contrast the changes every year.

The magnets have taken over my fridge, but again, I have to find a new way to store/display them because they are bending over time:
Disney M-02
And I buy a set of chopsticks from either China or Japan (sometimes both), but since they NEVER have any new designs, it gets harder and harder to find pretty ones:
Disney N-05
I also have to buy enough Basin bath bombs to last a year (they never do), a new pair of sunglasses from Arribas Brothers (they aren't expensive and I LOVE Disney-themed sunglasses), a new purse (more on that later), a new Duffy outfit, a new artist sketch and a Dotson print from the resort we are staying at (see F-Fan Art), at least one keychain (but usually way more than one), etc, etc. But I also can't forget the event-specific merchandise...if we go at Halloween, that means Halloween Party merch and it's also Food & Wine Festival time, so there's that stuff too. Christmas means Christmas Party stuff. And since we've now gone to the Flower and Garden Festival, there was all that stuff I had to get.

I try to curb myself every trip and swear up and down I'm not going to buy any "such-and-such", but it never fails that not only do it buy them, but the list gets added to! I wish I had a dime for everytime I said to my travelling companion, "I have to have it because I ALWAYS get one!". This is where my Asper-ness causes the most trouble. I can literally work myself in a panic attack if I don't get something "I'm supposed to" and until certain things are checked off the list, I can't start having a good time. I know it's not logical or proper, but knowing and doing are two separate things in an Asperger world.


Heather said...

So much lol! I'm on the other end I usually don't buy Disney merch unless it really catches my eye. And it's usually clothes lol.

Linda said...

Another awesome collection Keiley. I so want to come to your house and wander around in awe.


Bea said...

The biggest problem with Mrs. Norris is that people like her actually exist. I'd be much happier if she were only a fictional character.

Your collections are really mind boggling!

Vickie said...

I was so happy with what karma did to Miss Norris!!

Roslyn Core said...

I've been catching up on your stitching and Disney posts today. I'm loving seeing this come together :) Sorry for the french knots - blame the BBC costume designers - that's where all my inspiration came from ;)

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craftingpaws said...

Your stitching is looking fantastic!
And your collection, wow...amazing! I just love the plush magnets. They are so cute.

Justine said...

Great collection! It's your stuff and not hurting anyone else so why not if you want it!

Kate N said...

Nice, nice, niiiiiiiice!

I love the dated items and its great to be able to compare them, how many times have you been to Disney World?

Tiffstitch said...

Mrs. Norris I do remember, although I had forgotten her name and now have HP references in my mind. Nice collection of magnets and miscellany too!