Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"C" - A to Z Challenge - Walt Disney World

Here we go with "C"! Now that I have the formalities out of the way, this should go smoother now!

Caribbean Beach Resort - I have yet to do a review of this resort, so I'll try my darnedest not to turn this into one, but we've stayed here twice, once in 1999 and for our lovely "family" trip in 2004. CBR is a moderate resort (WDW has varying levels of resorts, from value to deluxe as well as DVC - Disney's answer to time shares, and campgrounds). Basically, the moderate resorts are the same motel-like setup as the values (whereas the deluxes are hotels), but they have a few more amenities such as more pools, at least one sit-down restaurant, and more bus stops. CBR is divided into six villages each with a different theme and there are several buildings to each village, then you have the Custom House, which is the check-in point, and Old Port Royale, which houses the gift shop, the food court, the sit-down restaurant, and the main pool. On top of that, the entire resort surrounds a lake! There are no words to describe the size of this resort and it's a pain in the butt when it takes you thirty minutes to walk to breakfast every morning! But, as far as moderates go, it's my favorite of the two we've stayed in. The colors are bright, tin drums are always playing, beautiful flowers and foliage! Just a great resort overall!

The walk to OPR in 1999:

All my "ducks" in a row in 2004 (courtesy of Mousekeeping - I have the letter they left framed - It says "we missed you and hope you had fun today!"

Country Bear Jamboree - a lot of people would say this attraction in Magic Kingdom's Frontierland is outdated and needs to be replaced...I say those people need to shut up!! I love the Country Bears (and not that stupid movie either)! The Bears epitomizes Walt's original vision and therefore, it makes the attraction a classic (can you tell I'm a Disney purist?). What does aggravate me is the fact that the park gives them very little attention and it shows...sometimes their eyes or mouths don't move right (or at all), they look dirty and not very well taken care of. Walt is turning over in his grave, I'm tellin ya! Marc Davis (my favorite Disney artist and designer extraordinaire, responsible for such wonders as the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean as well as the creator and animator of the best Disney villain of all-time - Maleficent!) was the lead designer on the Bears as well, as it shows in their faces! The entire show has that "Marc Davis" feel to it! I hate country music, but I sing those songs constantly "all the guys that turn me on turn me down!", even when I'm not at WDW, much to the chagrin of my co-workers. And you can't mention the Country Bears without mentioning the biggest of the big...Big Al himself!!

Here's a video of the entire show I found on YouTube and if you've never been or if you just want a bit of reminiscence, definitely watch it (11:15 is Big Al's entrance):

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe - Now, I've talked about the fact that the Magic Kingdom sucks in the way of food choices, but, at least for me, it's not always about the food, but the atmosphere as well, and Cosmic Ray's is a great example of this. It's your standard counter service fair, but it has different stations...burgers, chicken, etc. But the best thing about Cosmic Ray's is Sonny Eclipse! Funny thing is, I'd bet most people who've not only been to WDW, but also Cosmic Ray's don't even know who Sonny Eclipse is! Sonny is the Disney-fied version of a lounge singer and it completely surprises me how people don't even notice he's there!

Chuck and Dave - or as most people know them, Chip and Dale. There is a trip report that has circulated the web for years, and it could quite possibly by the most famous trip report ever by Delswife, you can find the link here for both of them (most of the pic links are dead, but the stories are hilarious! You'll just have to read it to know why Chip and Dale are called "Chuck and Dave", but to this day, Am and I scream "Chuck and Dave" when we see Chip And Dale! And I'm about to do something I NEVER do, but will also be doing in "D", posting a picture of myself (with the added bonus of Am for moral support!)...so here's us with Chuck and Dave:

So, at Chuck and Dave, I'm gonna stop for "C"...I could also add Canada, Cinderella Castle, Contemporary Resort, and California Grill (where I had my first taste of my now favorite wine Moscato), but I'd better stop now before "C" becomes a novel!!


Kate said...

Your Disney Guide book would be awesome! i'll be back tomorrow for the letter D. I have strange inklings that you might mention the D-man ;)

Mattysam said...

CHUCK AND DAVE!!!!CHUCK AND DAVE!!!! I have this picture in my office, BTW...

thepinkrachael said...

Cinderella would have been my C (Disney princess girl? Why, yes, however did you know?!) but you are so right about Maleficent being the best Disney villain - I used to love her!

Keebles said...

My princess is Aurora, I can relate even if my isolation is self-imposed! But Cindy, Snow, and Aurora are the holy trinity of Disney princesses!

Vickie said...

Love chip and Dale! I would have blogged about Cinderella! Housekeeping is awesome!