Thursday, April 26, 2012

"W" - A To Z Challenge - Walt Disney World

Wow, I can't believe we're almost done! So lets go with "W"!

World of Disney Store - the worlds biggest Disney store, it's massively huge and has EVERYTHING! It's very easy to get lost in there! My only complaint (which I have written to Disney with) is the fact that this store has baskets and no buggies! I would love to have a buggy instead of having to fill a basket, taking it to a counter for them to hold, then getting another basket and filling it, finding the counter where you left the other basket so you can leave this one, then getting another's a never-ending process!

Wolfgang Puke's - ok, ok, it's Wolfgang Puck's, but if you've eaten there, you'd agree with me! It is horrible food with absolutely horrible cast members, the decor is cheesy, it's just awful! So, I'd bet you're wondering why I included it? I felt the need to warn the masses against it! It never ceases to amaze me that people do actually like it!

Am's face says it all!

Wilderness Lodge I've already reviewed HERE ad nauseum. Wishes could be honorable mention, but it's not the fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom at anymore, so it doesn't qualify. So, that's it for "W"!


Kate said...

Hahah! How many basket fulls? A buggy, have you got a baby? why not ask for a trolley? lol! ;)

Keebles said...

Because here they wouldn't understand what I meant if I said trolley!!