Friday, January 27, 2012

Wilderness Lodge dedication

An extremely horrible day at work calls for a shift in my thinking and what better way to do that than to focus on our upcoming trip!

For those who have been to Disney and who have stayed at the Lodge, you know what I'm talking about, for those that haven't stayed there or have never even been to Disney World, I'm about to give you a taste of what Wilderness Lodge is like (in shortened form, of course - or shortened form for me anyway!).

I've posted a couple of pictures already, and I'm afraid my crappy photo taking cannot do it true justice. Believe it or not, Wilderness Lodge has it's own fan site (told you I was a total Disney geek) and if you'd like to check it out, it's Wilderness Lodge Site and it's got some great history and info as well as great pics.   The official Disney World link also has some great highlights!

The Lobby of the Lodge Oct 2005:

Same Dec 2006 (and yes, the Christmas tree WAS that big):

As an avid fan of Mouse World Radio (and if your a Disney fan and don't listen to Mouse World Radio, what's wrong with you?!  It's free and I can't imagine life without it!), they often have the BGM (background music) for the Lodge and talk about feeling the memories!

But, as most of you know, I'm a Donald Duck freak.  Have been since I was a young'un.  One of the main highlights of the Lodge, is it's totem poles, but one in particular:

Bit of trivia for ya...does anyone know who the bear is at the bottom of the totem? Think back to your childhood and think of this tune "first you stick a rag, put in the bag, bump bump, then you bend your back put in the sack, bump bump...". Anything yet? Maybe this will help:

You got it now right? Well, Humphrey stared in most of his few cartoons with my main Duck-man! Maybe this will help:

Humphrey is kind of the mascot of the Lodge which makes me happy to no end because you get to buy cool stuff like this:
God, I love pins!!

My Wilderness Lodge dedication shelf (and oh, that scent of Yankee Candle smells JUST like the Lodge smells!):

My Wilderness Lodge throw:

I always regretted not getting the Wilderness Lodge lincoln logs because you can't buy them anymore! But the thing with Humphrey and the totem is that you are supposed to rub his nose upon arrival at the Lodge so that your Disney vacation will be extra magical! Disney vacations are always magical, but we rub his nose, just in case!

The rooms have gone through at least one rehab since I've been staying there:

Oct 2005:

Oct 2008:

And I think I've stayed in about every end of the resort! I've been there twice by myself because it's the one I feel most comfortable in and it's one building (unlike the other resorts at Disney which can be spread out over forever...Caribbean Beach, for example, has some buildings that are as far as a 25 minute walk from the Old Port Royale, which contains the food court and gift shops...imagine walking that to breakfast every morning (been there, done that twice!)).

Speaking of Disney by myself...yes, you did hear me correctly. Me, Asperger's, OCD and SAD suffer, who can't go to Wal-Mart by herself most times, actually gets on a plane, flies the 850 some odd miles, takes a car service, checks into the Lodge and spends a week in Disney World ALL BY MYSELF!!! It's the only place, besides my home and work that I am absolutely comfortable. Granted, I do have my moments, but I just sit on a bench, call up Am, rub it in that I'm in Disney and she's not, then I feel better and can move on! I eat in the restaurants by myself, ride the rides by myself, shop by myself (OK, that would NEVER be a problem)'s a total mystery!

But, anyway, I've bored you enough on the Lodge. But I think I will continue a series of blogs on Disney for those who don't know much about it, maybe focusing on particular rides or parks or restaurants (Le Cellier anyone! ICE WINE!!) and sharing photos of mine from visits past (yes Am, I will do our DVD from the 2010 pics, I promise! And yes Am, I know you want a copy of all the pics and I promise I've got them pulled out to redo and now that I have motivation, it WILL get done!).

A final note, I think I'm gonna add a third WIP, a Disney project, just to keep the other two flowing, and keep my Disney spirits up and in the stitching mood (it's not like I don't have a ton of Disney projects in the wings!).


Kate said...

I cant wait to find out more about it - as usual I am in awe!

Abbybeth said...

It's always interesting to hear about others' favorites. I'm a Port Orleans French Quarter girl myself - it's the smallest of the resorts, as a moderate has lots of luxuries and the theming is gorgeous. My parents just bought DVC at the Contemporary though and stayed there when they went in December, so if I go in the fall, I'll stay there with them which will be new for me. More Disney posts - I think you're helping me see that I probably need to go in the fall, it may be theraputic for me.

Keebles said...

We have actually stayed in the French Quarter and it was a bit too close to home since I'm a southern girl, so it wasn't too impressive to us. But the Contemporary is a different story! It's probably my second favorite, not for theming (because there is practically none - very un-Disney), but it's sooo convenient!! I'm gonna do a blog on all the resorts we've stayed at.

Mangogirl said...

wow! That looks like a wonderful place! I will have to go there one day ...maybe for my honeymoon?