Friday, April 22, 2016

A to Z Challenge - S


Austen Alphabet19
I guess for every character I like, there are five I'd like to punch...Lucy Steele falls in the punch category. She reminds me a lot of Isabella Thorpe without the obvious hatefulness (I think Lucy is a bit more crafty).


I'm not sure what it is about his Traditions line that I'm so obsessed with, but I've been buying them since they first started! I try to stick with just the duck, the experiment, the princesses and villains, but I do stray upon occasion. Again, this is another time when I wished I had a room big enough to keep them altogether because I don't necessarily like having them strewn all over the house. The bulk of them are ducks however, and they have their own curio:
Disney S-02
Disney S-01
For the eagle-eyed among you, you may have spotted several Jim Shore pieces in the other pictures so far, especially in the "C" post, in princess-land and Stitch world. I have numerous Auroras, several Rapunzels, and a Merida bought for me by Kate on our Disney World trip.

Here is one to re-show though, my absolute favorite purchase from my Disneyland trip:
My very first Jim Shore that I bought at Disney World:
One of my favorite sets:
And one of my Maleficent's is even two-sided:
They are also the biggest clutter on my Amazon wishlist. Since they come out seasonally, they pile up in bulk and it takes me forever to get them off because I can't afford to buy one every payday (although I do try). I will admit that since starting this challenge, I have gained three new ones, including this one that just arrived today:
One thing that really aggravates me about them is the little stand cards. Some have them and some don't and I HATE to open a new one and it does not have a card. They all have the card that hangs off of them, but it's just not the same.


Kate N said...

Super super super!!

Awesome collection of course :)0

Linda said...

Another amazing collection Keiley. I love the dwarfs.


Tiffstitch said...

Great stitching, and that is an amazing collection!

Bea said...

You don't like the self-centred, nattering Miss Steele?? How can that be?

Love this collection, especially the dwarves and Maleficent.

Justine said...

Great collection - I really like the Maleficent/dragon ornament.
Less said about Miss Steel the better!

Heather said...

I see a lot of Jim Shore's stuff on QVC during the holidays. He makes some pretty things aren't they all wood? Beautiful collection and I still love your Aurora :)

Vickie said...

OH MY!!! I don't like Lucy! I think the 2 hour one from Masterpiece really makes her look bad!

Love your Jim shore collections