Saturday, April 14, 2012

"M" - A to Z Challenge - Walt Disney World

"M" is a huge letter in the Walt Disney World, so let's get started!!

Mission Space - I absolutely LOVE this ride, and I rode it before they tamed it, added fans that blow in your face to keep you from getting sick, and even added a "non-spinning" version for the chicken riders! But, I need to preface this with a warning - people have literally died because of this ride...the elderly, the middle-aged, and even a child. It is a no-joke kind of ride. And now that I have my "little friend" living in my head, I don't know if I will even be able to ride it (or if I should have been all these years). It's a definite doctor question for next time.

The basic premise of the ride that it uses a centrifuge ride system that simulates the G-forces of a rocket launch and you "take a trip to Mars" courtesy of your friendly neighborhood host...Gary Sinise!! But landing on Mars won't be as easy as the take off'll just have to ride it to see! The funniest thing about this ride is how many times they ask you "are you sure?" and it never ceases to amaze me when someone makes it all the way through to the actual compartment, then changes their mind!

Next up...Muppet Vision 3D! - Those of us "of a certain age", have extraordinarily fond memories of the Muppets! We woke up with them on Sesame Street and went to bed with them on the Muppet Show! Never was Muppet humor more classic than in the preshow for this 3D experience, it's just as entertaining as the actual movie! It's one of my favorite MouseWorld Radio things to listen to!! And, in typical Muppet humor, they make fun of WDW protocols and guests alike!

Who wouldn't love Sam Eagle and his "salute to all nations, but mostly America".

And, I'm really showing my age here when I get all giddy over the Pigs In Space spaceship which I ALWAYS get a picture of!! But there are hundreds of Muppet memorabilia and props in the queue and preshow area, so if you get inside at the end of it, I definitely recommend sticking around for another go!

Once you get in the actual show, who else would be there to greet you other than Waldorf and Statler, and they really make the show as well, as they snidely comment in their usual way through the entire show!

And what WDW experience would be complete without a gift shop...but the Muppet theming extends even to here!

Speaking of MouseWorld Radio...I can't even imagine my life without it! You can find the direct link HERE. I was a VIP Member of Live 365 for a long time, until they raised the rates so high I couldn't afford it anymore. But I don't know what they are now and I've become accustomed to the commercials, so it's not a problem! They play current Disney ride soundtracks as well as those of the past, the background music for the parks and resorts, even the commercials on the Disney TV stations that play only in the resorts!

Morocco - my favorite Epcot country! It's absolutely beautiful and the history of how it came to fruition is really quite amazing because the King of Morocco himself sent the artists that created the pavilion and it's the only one in Epcot that is actually funded by a government instead of a corporation like the rest! One of my favorite things to do here is to get Tabouleh in Tangierine Cafe (it's a bitch to make, so I really only get it when I go to Disney unless I really get a craving)!

But, I can't give it all praise because the cast members that work here are some of the rudest in all of Epcot! The cast members in each Epcot country are actually from those countries, but I don't think they are rude because of their nationality...I think it's just a case of how the typical Disney guest behaves and they, being a very religious country, just don't know how to take us. If you do manage to get a nice one, the market place is amazingly beautiful and well worth a long look at all the merchandise (which is also native to the country as it is in each Epcot country - and outrageously expensive - although the most expensive gift shop in Epcot is in the American Pavilion believe it or not).

And speaking of stores, of the best stores on property...MouseGear is one of my top three! We spend forever in here!

Finally, there is the Monorail! It's not a ride, but a mode of transportation unlike Disneyland in California's version...although sometimes, with other guests, it feels like a ride! There are three separate lines, the resort line, the express line from the TTC to the Magic Kingdom, and the Epcot line. I will say, I absolutely HATE it when they skin it:

Some of you might be wondering why I skipped Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, but I've already reviewed it HERE and I didn't want to be redundant.

There is also Mama Melrose's, which is right next to the exit of Muppet Vision, and serves the best Italian food on property (even better than the fare we'd had in Italy in Epcot!), but I'll just add a couple of pictures.

Bruschetta is one of my favorite things evah!

And that's it for "M"!


Vickie said...

Love the monorail! This would have been a greT review of mousekeeping! I want to go back to Disney now!

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Mattysam said...

I didn't think about it at the time, but my previous post could refer not only to Muppet Vision 3D, but also to Mission Space and the monorail...huh...

Keebles said...

Mission Space yeah....monorail only in terms of smells!!