Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y - Disney Alphabet Cross Stitch

Another character of convenience, my "Y" choice doesn't really appeal to me either. She reminds me a bit too much of Cruella DeVille (who I've never really cared for...puppy killing is where I draw the line). But, like "X", she fit the bill and CloudsFactory already had her in their other Disney Alphabet, so there you go.

"Y" is for Yzma:

I do have a bit of a confession...I finished the last of the characters this weekend. I wanted to make sure I had time enough to wash it, iron it, mount it and frame it. Unfortunately, in my typical, uber-efficient way, I managed to get it cleaned and ironed yesterday and mounted and framed tonight since it fit in a standard-sized frame. So, technically, I'm done with the challenge! I'm still gonna wait and post accordingly and, since I managed to accidently delete the pre-framed full photo, I guess I'll be showing the finished project in its completed framed glory. I also goofed and forgot to sign the stupid thing and didn't realize it until I had it mounted and taped down. I somehow managed to stitch my signature and date it without taking it apart. I never thought I'd be so excited to get back to stitching Pea's mattress layers!


Lexa Cain said...

Congrats on finishing! You've presented such an adorable collection. I hope you have a great time stitching Pea's mattresses! Have a great week! :)

Jenilee said...

That's awesome that you finished it and framed it already! And nothing wrong with finishing it a little early :) For the record I love The Emperor's New Groove, but not in the same way I love other Disney movies. I mostly thought Krank was funny :) One more day left!

Linda said...

Getting excited to see the end result.


SoCal Debbie said...

Where is Yzma from? I guess I could Google it myself though!