Monday, April 7, 2014

F - Disney Alphabet Cross Stitch

There is just one character left in row one. But there ended up being an unforeseen caveat with her and it's caused me to make some pretty drastic changes. In all the years I've been stitching, I've never actually modified a chart before, so I'm hoping it all works out. The font changes were pretty scary, but there has been an unsuspected but really exciting side effect that I'm really loving! It will be quite visible when I post the finished piece (but not till the very end).

I made the decisions about characters on my chart months ago. As I've been stitching this row, the number of Princesses has not escaped me (as well as future ones to come). But it started to occur to me that I didn't have a single Prince on my chart. I did consider one in particular, my absolute favorite Prince (which shouldn't be too much of a mystery), but, in the end, I decided in favor of another character for that letter because he was a companion character to a definite one that I wasn't willing to compromise (they are kind of two peas in a pod and I figured it would look weird having one and not the other). But I've been questioning that decision since the get-go. I had another CloudsFactory chart that would give me the tools for the replacement character...but that's a ways off yet.

I've already pre-stitched most of today's character, but the decision I made about the other Prince made me think of yet another Prince that I also really wanted. So I went to CloudsFactory site and bought the chart that would give me access to Prince #2. But again, I ran across another complication because it gave me access to yet another character that would be in conflict with the other Prince...but I think I may have found a way around that (I'll save that for another day).

At least all this wavering reiterated my decision to stitch a bit ahead, I never would have had time to make the necessary changes otherwise. I've been able to completely frog what I've done of my "F" choice (the Fairy Godmother in case you were wondering) and restitched it as:

"F" for Flynn Rider.

But then, my OCD got the better of me and stitching a bit ahead has bit me in the butt. The white of Donald blending into the fabric was killing me. So I took the most drastic of measures and pulled out some ivory fabric, re-cut, re-stretched, re-gridded and...yep...I started all over! Good thing it was a weekend and I had the time. That's why it's taken me so long to post today's picture. I've been stitching like mad. I'll re-post the other characters when they are finished (I figured I better finish today's character first). Granted, there doesn't seem that much of a difference between the white and the ivory fabric, but it made a significant difference with Donald, so I'm pretty happy. I also ended up changing the skin to a lighter shade. The Princesses were a bit too tan!


Cathy said...

Flynn Rider...that's a good one. But I gotta say, I love the Fairy Godmother. If I ever move to Florida and work for Disney, I so want to be the Fairy Godmother. haha

Linda said...

I really like this one Keebles. I would also have liked the Fairy Godmother. Sorry you had to start over. But, at least you are happy with it now.


SoCal Debbie said...

Good for you for starting over on ivory Aida before you got too far. I'm sure you'll be much happier about Donald Duck now, and the lighter skin for the princesses!

I had to Google Flynn Rider and read all about him in Tangled. I have some Disney movie catching up to do!

Kate N said...

I love Flynn and so glad you changed the fabric, we would never had heard the last of it! hhehheehheheh