Thursday, April 19, 2012

"P" - A to Z Challenge - Walt Disney World

"P" is another big one, so let's not waste any time!

PINS!!!!! - There are thousands of different ones, they have dozens of stores dedicated to just these little hunks of metal, people buy, trade, and even fight over them, and, as much as I hate to say it, I'm an obsessive pin collector! I mainly keep them in books, but I do have some lanyards and framed sets, as well as a couple of shadow boxes filled with them. It's always important to buy the sets of the events that you attend (for remembrance purposes, of course), even if it means standing in line forever, or worse, stalking eBay for weeks after you've return home! It's an epidemic and I love every moment of it! Even Disney Movie Club gets in on the act!

Now, the whole premise is to trade, but I just don't get that! Why buy something you really love, just to give it to someone else for another one?  If you want the other one, buy it on eBay! But people walk around completely covered in them on lanyards, on vests, and in bags. Most all cast members have them on their clothing and participate in trading as well.

Picking a favorite is impossible...they come in all different shapes and sizes, for all different characters and even people and various combinations thereof), for every single event, holiday, and just general nonsensical reasons. The worst ones are the mystery don't know what your buying because they are hidden and you have to keep buying them to try and finish your set! By the time your set is complete, you probably have 20 doubles! I try not to buy these, but sometimes it just can't be helped! And I absolutely love to see the looks on the TSA agents faces when they scan the huge bag filled with them that I bring home (because there is no way I'm shipping them and/or putting them in my checked bags).

Best pin store on property is Downtown:

But honorable mention goes to Frontierland Trading Post in the Magic Kingdom and Pin Central in Epcot's Future World!

Pirates of the Caribbean - second only to the Haunted Mansion, POC is another one of my all-time favorites! Most times you can even catch me humming or singing, "yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me, I use a knife to stir my tea"! (OK, so those aren't the real lyrics, but another memory from the infamous family trip of '04!). Another Marc Davis classic, which has been revamped to add characters from the movies, like Captain Jack, Barbossa, and depending on when you go, either Davy Jones or Blackbeard.

Pirates is the worst offender of the "no flash pictures" rule! It drives me mad to be sitting in a car with someone who's flash is constantly going off and I have actually been on the ride where they have stopped it, turned on the lights, and told someone to quit taking flash pictures! It's a dark ride and it's not like the flash is gonna help anyway! You can get decent shots without the flash...obviously I've done it!

Ride through (and another shining example of how other guest ruin the ride by talking and acting up):

Philharmagic...OK, I know, it's called Mickey's Philharmagic, but for the life of me I don't know why since it's a 3D show all about the duck man!! Even the gift shop is Donald-themed!! The premise is Donald steals the Sorcerer's hat and, in typical, duck fashion, looses it almost immediately, and must track it down, from the bottom of the sea with Ariel, to a magic carpet ride with Aladdin and Jasmine, to the African animals of the Lion King, before Mickey finds out!

Port Orleans Resort - we have stayed here once (Am has been twice), but after staying in deluxes for so long, going back to a moderate has probably skewed my opinion of this resort. It's not only the smallest of the moderates, but it's divided up into two sections, Riverside is a more Southern Belle country-type theme which doesn't appeal to me at all since I'm Southern and can see a Southern mansion within walking distance of my job, whereas French Quarter is like the New Orleans French Quarter, only without the New Orleans smell, crime, and overall weird scary vibes (it's one of the most haunted cities in America). We stayed in the French Quarter, the smaller of the two parts, and even though it's a Hollywood Studios area resort, the bus rides seemed like some of the longest I've been on!

Here's some pics:

Hidden Mickey in the bedclothes...can you find it?

I could also do Pixar Place, which is in the Studios, but I'm not gonna for time constraints (and the fact I'm not a huge Pixar fan, excluding the Little Green Men and Mater...and Finding Nemo is my favorite of the Pixar movies):

There are numerous parades in each park which I can give honorable mention to: Mickey's Boo To You Parade in the Magic Kingdom on Halloween Party nights...the absolute best parade on property, and not just because the Headless Horseman leads the way, then there is the Main Street Electrical Parade (or SpectroMagic, depending on when you go), in the Magic Kingdom, Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It and Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade also in the Magic Kingdom, Blcok Party Bash in the Studios (I also count Disney Channel Rocks in this because even though it's a stage show, the stage travels down the streets in the Studios before it stops or leaves), and Mickey's Jammin Jungle Parade in Animal Kingdom (as of the past several years, there isn't a parade in Epcot, unless you count the character bus which resembles a British double-decker and transports the characters around for meet and greets).

Then there is The Polynesian resort, which I have already reviewed HERE and my beloved Pecos Bill's Tall Tale Inn and Cafe, which I have also already reviewed HERE.

I'm gonna stop here because "P" is getting too long! Hope you enjoyed!


Mattysam said...

Please note in the last Philharmagic photo...the dude in the full on Jabba the Hut costume I mentioned previously. Impressive. Favorite pin is the Chuck and Dave Mystery Pin from HM.

Keebles said...

I actually have the Chuck and Dave on my bulletin board at work! And my Chuck and Dave Wilderness Lodge pin!

Nicki Elson said...

I don't get the trading aspect with the pins either - I buy them because I love them, WHY would I trade one away? Incidentally, I noticed that my pin collection seems to have a very piratey theme. :)

Oh, and I have to confess - I took one flash picture on Pirates of the Caribbean. BUT that's only because I don't know how to turn off my flash (I know, I know, I'll learn!) AND the ride was stuck for a really long time in the spot right by the dog w/ the key. So I figured it was a quid pro quo - their ride stalls, I get to break one tiny little rule.

Vickie said...

i dont get the pins!!! not a collector of them!!!! Love pirates and Philharmonic.. Pixar is my favorite place to visit!!!!!