Monday, April 30, 2012

"Z" - A To Z Challenge - Zachary Binx

Although this challenge has been about Walt Disney World, I started with a dedication to my beloved Zander, who was born on "A"pril Fools Day 1997 (may he rest in peace), so I thought it fitting to end this challenge with his baby brother, Zachary Binx.

Zachary was originally bought as a present for Zander...I felt after my divorce that Zander needed another male influence and I know he didn't like being lonely since I work so much and since another husband wasn't then or now on the menu, a brother was just what was needed! Zach was named after the character in Hocus Pocus (and excellent movie with a very young Sarah Jessica Parker (amuck, amuck, amuck!), Kathy Najimi (before she lost her weight), and Bette Midler).  You remember the little boy the witches turned into a cat and his sister (who was a ghost killed by the witches), kept calling out the little boy's name in this really annoying sing-song-y voice?  That's who Zach was named after...problem was, I misunderstood the character's name, it wasn't Zachary Binx, it was Thackery Binx! But that's OK, he looks like a Zachary anyway!!

Zander couldn't STAND Zachary for the first six months he was with us! I think I should have taken Zander to the store and let him pick out his own brother, but after Zander's crappy life there, I didn't want him exposed to it again. But at the same time, Zander was so wonderful and I knew the store worked with the same Shih-Tzu breeder, so I knew that another kid from that place would have been perfect (and he was!). Zach followed Zander everywhere and Zander couldn't stand it! And god forbid I should touch Zachary - Zander would actually growl! Zander always sat in my lap, so I think Zachary just got used to not coming near me and he developed his sense of solitude. He became a loner and it's something that has stuck with him to this very day - which is probably good since he's on his own so many hours in the day, but it reminds me how prejudice I was with my kids, and now I regret it.

You'd think Zander thought Zach had cooties!

But eventually Zander warmed up to him (or just became resound to the fact that Zachary was here to stay) and they finally started getting along and suddenly they were inseparable!  Zachary would lick Zander's head for hours if I'd let him!  Zander would sleep under my head (until his little heart got so loud and he got too skinny for me to put my big head on) and Zach would tuck up at my side just as tight as he could.  But where Zander was always sick, Zachary was always healthy (except for bladder stones, which have caused him to have a couple of operations). So, there were lots of times where Zander was in the hospital and it was just me and Zach but we got along OK.

I used to make a pocket with my legs and Zach would lay there and just stare at me until he fell asleep!

When Zander passed, I expected Zachary to miss his brother, but surprisingly enough, he didn't, and, for a while, I didn't like Zach very much because of it.  It was almost like he was waiting for Zan to die so he could run the house (which is just my skewed Asper opinion, but still...). Zachary was always Zander's brother, and with my Zander gone, he and I had to get to know each other for the first time, even though he was 8 years old. I never thought of him as mine, he was Zander's, and I knew that had to change, and eventually it did because now he's my beloved pup, my biggest critic, and a pretty good snuggle bunny (even though he doesn't sleep against me anymore...he's taken more of a guard dog roll - like anybody would be scared of him)!! I think he just slept against me to piss Zander off, he wasn't my dumb blonde after all (although he's not blonde anymore at all)!

Zachary has his quirks...he can't stand walking in grass or getting his feet dirty, he refuses to drink anything but Smart Water (a habit I started when he first started getting stones and now he's spoiled), when he gets a new toy, he guts it first, then plays with the torn-out squeaker until I take it away, he prefers to ride in the back window of the car on long trips (which gets us more than a few stares - whereas Zander stood on the console and would never sleep), and my favorite of his eccentricities, he barks like the Cadbury bunny clucks!!

His best feature is the fact that he's covered in hidden Mickey's! No matter which way he turns, his spots merge into Mickeys!

And that's it for the A to Z Challenge! I can't believe it's over, but then again, I'm completely worn out! I think I might think twice before taking on a new challenge!

So, from me and Zachary, goodbye to the Challenge and welcome all my new followers! I hope without a specific subject, I won't bore you too much!! But my OCD will definitely keep you in Disney info at least for the next few months! Thanks to everyone for your kind comments and I look forward to following your blogs as well!

Maybe now I can get back to stitching and reading and I'm sure Am would be grateful if I finish our 2010 trip pics DVD!!  And don't get me started on the stack of British tele DVD's I've got to get through!


Julie Daines said...

Cute puppy! Congratulations on completing the A to Z Challenge.

Keebles said...

And doesn't it know it! Thanks and I loved reading your blog!

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

I think Zachary is adorable and your posts amusing and sassy. I like that someone else hates Facebook, and if I find myself heading for WDW (which is a long way from Australia, and we have enough cylones of our own without hurricanes instead, I know where to come. Glad you enjoyed A to Z but I can relate on the need for a change.