Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Q" - A to Z Challenge - Walt Disney World

"Q" is another pain to come up with ideas for, so I'm straying a bit and doing famous Disney World quotes!

I quote things allot, sometimes movies, but most things that come out of my mouth are Disney related. I'm either singing it or speaking it, but the people around me are used to it (even if they don't understand), which is why I'm doing this post! Maybe it will explain what the words that come out of my mouth actually mean!

I've already mentioned "Yo, ho, yo ho a pirates life for me, I use a knife to stir my tea". That comes from the infamous family trip of '04 and my wonderful brother-in-law! We had just ridden Pirates, and for the first time were managing to have a meal without Mr. Grumpy Pants step-dad ruining it in Cinderella's Castle at Cinderella's Royal Table. our Mother, not having a spoon on hand, used her knife to stir her tea when she sweetened it, and Matt goes to singing! It sounds silly when I type it, but it's one of the best memories from that trip and we still laugh about it!

"Bear with us till the Bear end and Bear-ral around to see us again" - Taken from Country Bear Jamboree (bet you thought I just didn't know which form of bear/bare to use, right?).

I can quote the entire speech from the Haunted Mansion's ghost host...and often do!

"you were a lovely group, the best audience ever! please...GET OUT! You know the drill, check for personal belongs, take small children by the hand, yada yada...". The ending of the Festival of the Lion King, Timon's final speech!

The old wake up call (that most people hated BTW) with Stitch is actually one of the ring tones on my phone as well as my alarm! "Good morning, no sleeping!"

After the hold music (which is the opening song to the Magic Kingdom, BTW), you'll hear it:

Am reminded me of one the other day..."up, up, up Chuck, up Chuck, up Chuck"...from the preshow to Muppet Vision 3D.

And the most famous quote of all - "Please stand clear of the doors - Por favor manténganse alejado de las puertas". It's on T-shirts, mugs,'s the only Spanish I know!


Nicki Elson said...

We loved the Stitch wake-up call! We'd take turns answering each morning. I didn't even realize until this last trip that Stitch is both of my kids' favorite Disney character (that's some excellent mothering, eh?)

Nicki Elson said...

Oops, forgot to comment that I love the tea song your brother-in-law made up -- those random moments of silliness are the best. :)

And hooray for dumping grumpy pantses! They really know how to drag down a trip, don't they?

Vickie said...

lov the stitch wake up call!!! my ringtone is thhe haunted mansion song!!!! my husband hates it!!!!!