Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Z - Disney Alphabet Cross Stitch

We've done it! The final day of the A to Z Challenge!

At least my "Z" choice was a chosen choice versus a needed filler like the last two. Even though the Lion King fits in the second gen of Disney movies, I was excited to see it because of the cast, none more so than the actor that voiced my "Z". I've made no qualms about how much I love British television and I've been a Mr. Bean and Blackadder fan just as long as I have a Doctor Who fan. When my favorite actors end up voicing Disney characters, it makes them that much more memorable to me. I was a bit disappointed when Rowan didn't actually voice Zazu in Disney World's Enchanted Tiki Room, Under New Management, but I tried to ignore it as much as possible and just focus on the character (although, for many years, the audioanimatronic had an eye that would get stuck and it looked like he was stoned all the time...I still miss that little bugger!).

Here he is at Disney's Art Of Animation Resort (and doesn't he even look like Rowan?):

And here he is as my final character for my Disney Alphabet Cross Stitch from CloudsFactory!

Thanks again to CloudsFactory for providing me with an amazing chart! I'm so very sorry I modified it so much, but I hope it did it justice enough.

And that's it! All done! It really has been nice to get back to "normal" stitching. I wish I hadn't accidentally deleted the non-framed project picture. The grid lines are just temporary and iron right off, but it did kind of make the project look a bit majestic. I went with beading for the 'i' dots because I'm lazy (and I really hate french knots). I also decided not to mat it, partly because I HATE cutting mats and partly because the frame I had didn't really support a mat. I had some major issues with how my signature turned out, so I unmounted it, stitched it properly, and then remounted it again.

As promised, here is the piece in its whole (seems rather uneventful now that it's all over with, but I usually feel that way at the finish of a project):

Oh yeah, and the really neat thing I mentioned with redoing the letters is (and of course it's not that visible on the picture) when you kind of squint at it, the ABC's stand out against the words and add to the alphabet motif!

Great challenge everyone and thank the heavens it's over with! Now I've got to come up with an even better theme for next year (although, you can probably guess it will be Disney related).


Justine said...

Congratulations! I love Zazu. Your finished piece looks fantastic. I've really enjoyed following this project. What are you stitching in May?! Ha ha.

Emma Louise Brown said...

It's gorgeous! I'll miss these posts haha

lizbirdk said...

Whatever the problems you've ended up with a fabulous piece!

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

I loved watching your progress with this piece it was great to see it day after day.

Jenilee said...

Great finish! And now you have a piece that has a lot of special-to-you Disney characters. And: Black Aaaaadder, Black Aaaaasder, he rides a pitch black steeeeeeed! :) Love love love that show, from Rowan Atkinson to Hugh Laurie to whoever plays Boldrick with his turnips :) Congrats on your finish!!!

Linda said...

Awesome job Keebles. I love it. Absolutely stunning and the colors are great.


Noelle Granger said...

I just took a look at your blog for the A-Z challenge! What an incredible idea! I do embroidery when I'm not writing or knitting, so your blog was very cool!

Charity Bradford said...

OMGoodness! I know I haven't made it over here yet because I'd remember this. Last week I got to stay with a college roomy who is now really into stitching. She took me to this store where I was overwhelmed with patterns, fabric and floss. I finally picked out a Halloween one called "Witchy Washy". Since I'm new at this it might take me all year to finish it.

I should get you two in touch. She hasn't been blogging since January, but mentioned she needed to start again. She blogs her stitching progress and other things. Kay's Random World

SoCal Debbie said...

Fantastic finish! It's a Disney alphabet masterpiece! Congratulations! Now you can start planning for the A-Z challenge in 2015!

Rebekah Loper said...

Your sampler turned out BEAUTIFUL, and what a trophy you have now for A-Z!

I only just noticed that we're practically neighbors - I'm in NE Oklahoma.

Mountain Ash said...

Love the A-Z Disney piece. What are your views on Frozen? Saw it on DVD the other night and found myself piping my eye in places.

Miamina said...

Well done on making it to the end and what a great idea to stitch along with your A-Z! You have a beautiful stitched piece and it's perfect and so very personal to you.

It's been fun to watch it take shape, great work!