Tuesday, April 16, 2013

TV Anorak: An American Intro To British TV-The N's

1. British: A person obsessively interested in a thing or topic that doesn't seem to warrant such attention.

This series of Challenge posts is an introduction to British TV shows for my fellow Americans. For instructions on how to play different region-coded DVD's, please go either here or here to read my previous blog posts that should clear up any confusion. Next up:


"N" is a whole heck of a lot shorter than "M" (thankfully!).

Not Going Out
Love This Show!! Lee Mack has created a really great comedy with just the right touch of romance! Lee is a slacker, secretly in love with his roommate (both roommates, he's had two, the second being his best friend's sister). I really can't wait till the sixth series comes out because they are saying there might actually be some action between these two! Also, be on the lookout in the early episodes for Miranda Hart whose first appearance was as an acupuncturist, but ends up as their cleaning lady (although she didn't do much cleaning)...her performance in this is what gave her a chance to do her own show!

New Tricks
This is another one of the first series I started getting on DVD. It is a cop show, but with a twist. When Sandra Pullman (Amanda Redman) accidently shoots a dog in a drug raid, she's demoted to running the Unsolved Crimes and Open Case Squad, a team of retired detectives probably better referred to as "elderly"! It's got a fabulous cast and pretty good storylines with the crimes. There are nine series so far.

I'm gonna stop the "N's" here since "M" was so big. "O" is gonna be a bit different, so get ready!

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Kate N said...

Never Mind the Buzzcocks! Its terrible but good all at once.