Monday, April 2, 2012

"B" - A to Z Challenge - Walt Disney World

OK, back on the official theme track with this one...Walt Disney World! I just got my official "welcome to the challenge" message and since I was one of the last to sign up, guess I didn't get the rules straight because these posts are supposed to be short! Well, hate to break it to ya, but my OCD force is too strong when it comes to Disney World, or WDW for short, so I doubt my posts are gonna be short at all!

I debated last night whether to pick just one topic under the letter to discuss or to find every single topic I could under that letter and just list them. In the end, I picked a happy medium and decided to pick a few of my favorite things and discuss briefly (or as briefly as is possible with me!).

So, off we go with "B"!

BASIN - Bath Bomb Central! We spend hundreds, and I do mean hundreds, in here every year! My favorite are the Patchouli and Sandalwood and the Mickey head bombs! I use them quite sparingly and I'm glad of it because since I missed last year, I still have some left!

BGM or Background Music - It plays all over the parks, resorts, stores, even in the bathrooms! Sometimes it's so subtle you don't even notice it, other times it's so obnoxious you want to tell them to turn it off (i.e. Christmas time).

Boulangerie Patisserie - Located in the France Pavilion In Epcot, we never miss a chance to pig out in here! Unfortunately, I don't have an inside photo (a chore for upcoming trip) although I did find tons of food pics (but, here again, since I am a creature of habit, the menu items I pick typically are the same). Funny story about our 2010 trip...I don't do much talking when Am goes with me, she does all the ordering and what-not. When I go solo I have to speak, but it does limit what I do because I don't want to speak (ah, the joys of Asperger's!). But anyhoo, I'm whispering in her ear, "order this, order that" and we get to the drink station, keep in mind that it's about 90 degrees outside, and at first I tell her to order me a soda, but I decide it's too hot for soda, especially on top of all the sweets we are about to consume, so I'm whispering in her ear to change it to tea as she's placing the order. Now, when I say tea, I'm assuming cup, ice, tea, right? One of our docs always says, "never assume because it makes an ass out of you and me", and never was this statement more apropos because I ended up with a cup of hot water and a teabag! Not being able to speak up, I just took it! Needless to say, it ended up in the dumpster and I ate my pastries drink-free until we could get somewhere and get a bottle of water! Lesson learned - always specify ice tea!!

BEARS!!!! - Another great memory from the worst trip ever taken to Disney! I've talked about this trip in a previous blog, but it did have it's good moments and this was one of them! We all arrive at the Magic Kingdom, walk under the train station out into Main Street USA for the first time in 20 years. Now, we're a quiet bunch by nature, not just me and my issues, but all of us, but all of a sudden, behind us, we hear this loud shreak "BEARS!!" and immediately our Mother runs over to the Country Bears and starts hugging them!  We still scream "BEARS" to this day whenever we see one!

You'd think by the look on her face, she'd just won the lottery!

So that's it for "B"!  I could do others; Big Figs (one of my favorite things to buy, I have several), buses (that glorious mode of Disney transport), Disney's Boardwalk (I'm not really sure of it's purpose, but we always seem to end up there), and tons of others, but I better stop now before this one gets way too long!!


Kate said...

OK, the rules are to keep it short BUT KEEBS!! I love your long posts..thats it Im gonna sulk, although I am even more chuffed to know that my lovely smelling mickey head is one of the few you were sparingly using! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Never been to disney World, but if I had to choose a disney B it would be Beauty and the Beast!

Keebles said...

"B" WDW's could be Beauty and the Beast - Live On Stage!

Vickie said...

Love all of these at Disney!