Friday, April 10, 2015

April A to Z Challenge - Cross Stitch "I" x 2



Project #1: Once Upon A Time
"I" is for Ingrid aka the Snow Queen aka Sarah Fisher (the ice cream lady).  I'm still not sure where they were trying to go with this character.  Were they trying to right the "wrong" Frozen did to the Snow Queen story? (if that was the case, they would constantly be busy righting wrongs since all Disney fairytales are variations of the stories...don't get me started on Pocahontas).  I was probably more bothered by the constant views of her boobs more than I was with her lack of character depth...but uber-prude here, so that was to be expected.

Ingrid was Anna and Elsa's aunt who got "erased" by her sister Gerta (Anna and Elsa's mom) because she accidentally killed their other sister Helga.  Sarah was a foster mother of Emma's.

Project #2: Veronica Mars
"I" is for Mars Investigations, Keith and Veronica's detective agency.  Really nothing exciting to say about it, well, other than it's the location of my #3 all-time favorite Logan and Veronica kiss (yes, I have a list).


Stephen Tremp said...

Ha! We have something in common with our posts today.

Stopping in from A to Z and thanks for the continued participation!

Stephen Tremp
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Morgan Katz said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your work is amazing!!

Linda said...

Fantastic stitching on the "I" squares today Keiley.


Tama said...

I really like this letter in your projects! Great work on both :D

Vickie said...

so cute!