Friday, April 6, 2012

"F" - A to Z Challenge - Walt Disney World

"F" was incredibly hard, but not because it was hard to come up with ideas, but because the "F" category is one of the strongest for me!  I'm gonna try to limit the pictures this time, but it will be hard!

Festival Of The Lion King - What can I say about this live show in Animal's beautiful, amazing, and it brings me to tears every.single.time.  There are really no words to describe it so, you know what that means...VIDEO!  I'm only putting a link up for the ending, so I don't ruin it for anyone who hasn't been and seen the entire show, but the finale is also a pretty good "mix" clip as well!

Then we have Fantasmic!, the water, fire, laser light, dancing, singing extravaganza that also brings me to tears! It is technically a social-phobe's biggest nightmare due to the fact that every single person in the park stands in a huge line (not a queue unfortunately), waits forever to sit in this huge amphitheater, and then once the show is over, you get cattle-hearded back out again! The show is a bit dated because there is a long Pocahontas segment in the middle, but the finale is once again one of those things that makes you forget the little problems!

Next up - the Food And Wine Festival - it happens ever October-November and it's the coolest ever (and no I don't just mean the pins!). There are stands from usually about 20 or so countries with samples of food and wine from each of those countries! Best thing is the Canada booth lets you get the cheddar soup, pretzel bread, and ice wine that you can get in Le Cellier without having the impossible to get Le Cellier reservation! I'm not an adventurous eater, but I have tried some amazing foods I wouldn't have otherwise tried (and some really nasty stuff as well)! But the coolest thing is you can buy a gift card that's on a wrist band and all you have to do is scan your "money bracelet" as I like to call it, and you're all set to experience another country! But I can't forget about the Beers Around The World stand, where you can get a "passport" and they stamp it everytime you drink a specific beer - the goal being to drink one of every beer and fill up your passport (I've never done it because I don't like beer other than Guinness, but Am loves trying different beers and has found some personal favorites!).

Then there is Flame Tree BBQ. Now, I'm from the south, and not just any part of the south, but about 45 minutes from I KNOW BBQ! There is no place in the WORLD that has BBQ like we do! So, when we travel, BBQ is not something we order because I know it's gonna be nasty (those HORRIBLE Coca-Cola ribs at Sci-Fi Cafe come to mind, I'm gagging just thinking about them). But Flame Tree BBQ in Animal Kingdom does a pretty good job of simulating good BBQ (at least for Florida standards)! They have amazing onion rings too!

And that's it for the "F"'s! I should also add Frontierland Trading Post, which is my favorite pin store in the Magic Kingdom, but what can you say about a pin store other than, PINS!!!

Bon Voyage "F"!


Miamina said...

The shows look amazing! All the food looks yummy, it makes me sooooooo hungry when I read your blog!

Miranda Hardy said...

I'll be at Disney on the 20th of this month. So excited. I'll be seeing Fantasmic, I think. Should be a great time. I love Disney. Great idea for posts.

Kate said...

I can feel it! lol

I am still amazed by how much is there - its..erm..amazing?!

Keebles said...

Miranda, don't let the cattle hearding get to you...Fantasmic is definitely worth it!! (Same for Lion King for that matter...they like to cattle heard!).

Amanda Trought said...

Definitely bringing back some memories...loved the lion king!

Vickie said...

Fantasmic is my favorite!