Monday, April 20, 2015

April A to Z Challenge - Cross Stitch "Q" x 2


Project #1: Once Upon A Time
ouat17"Q" is for the Evil Queen, aka Regina Mills.  I never watched Lost so I didn't know who Lana Parilla was, but I swear she was born to play the Evil Queen!  Regina is the caster of the first curse (the dark curse) in an attempt to remove all the happy endings in the Enchanted Forest (which would subsequently allow her to have her happy ending, or so she thinks).  She enjoyed the overall miserableness in Storybrooke for a while, but she eventually decides she's lonely and needs a child.  After trying to steal one and failing miserably (which comes back to bite her in the end), she enlists the help of Rumple to acquire a baby to adopt (which just happens to be Henry, the savior's son).  Was it fate or Rumple's intervention that picked Henry?  It was never said, so we might never know how Rumple came across Henry, but he didn't know that Henry was Baelfire's son (although he may have known he was the Savior's son).  Regina has undergone the biggest transformation of all the characters and is now trying to be a hero for Henry's sake, even though she still has darkness in her heart and her villainous cohorts are trying their darnedest to keep her that way.

There have been moments where I disagreed with their interpretation of the Evil Queen, most notably in the beginning when she bests Maleficent (which would NEVER happen...Maleficent is far more powerful).  I'm also not a fan of her growing friendship with Emma, it seems too forced.  I do like the relationship between her and Robin Hood though and I hope they work out in the end and I like seeing her and Snow becoming friends.  I may be in the minority, but I kind of like Regina on the hero side (like Hook).  If I'm honest, there are times that I wish Rumple would find his way to the hero side (he's had his moments). But it's Regina's wardrobe that throws her into a higher class...those Evil Queen dresses are amazing!  At at least we know why Marian is such an annoying character now, but I'll keep that spoiler for those that haven't seen the last few episodes yet.

Project #2: Veronica Mars
"Q" is for Questions and Answers, those things that get asked and given throughout each episode.

As an aside, I was exhausted with stitching these projects, so I decided to risk getting really far behind (which I ended up doing) and take a break for the weekend. But I don't know how to not spend every free waking moment stitching, so I ended up picking Alice and the Bouguereau's up for the weekend and I enjoyed every second of it! I left off here before the challenge:

And I got to here this weekend:
It's nice to see Aurora making an appearance. Rapunzel is still quite ghost-like, but if there is one thing I've learned from HAED's, it's that it may not make sense at first, but it always looks amazing in the end. I am SOOO ready to get back to normal stitching!


Heather said...

Great progress! I love the Queen's costumes. I actually made the dress from Season 1 where she takes the huntsman's heart for Halloween. It's the rhinestone one with the red skirt. Still one of my favorite costumes.

Tama said...

Your stitching looks amazing!!!

Katy said...

You know, I watched Lost and totally forgot Lana was in that show! Great job, and I'm right there with you on being ready to go back to normal stitching, and I'm only doing one!

Linda said...

Nice progress Keiley. I am SOOO with you.