Monday, April 28, 2014

X - Disney Alphabet Cross Stitch

We're in the final week! I've really pushed my limits and I don't think I've ever been so happy to see the backside of a challenge as I have this one! But we still have a few more letters to finish my Disney Alphabet Cross Stitch from CloudsFactory.

"X" was definitely a character of convenience. The only good thing about Mulan to me was Mushu (but there is another one of those pesky "M" characters I had to forgo). I know that the Disney version named this character Shan Yu, but I've seen it spelled both ways (and it helped that CloudsFactory listed it as Xian Yu). So there is no need for me to wax poetic about this character, he's just here to fill my "X" quota.

X - Xian Yu:

On a side note, I gotta rant a bit...I live in tornado alley. All of us around here know when tornado season starts, we know when storms are expected (we've been anticipating this one for days), we've dealt with it our entire lives and all the warnings have been drilled into our heads practically since birth. It's also not something that causes widespread panic for those same reasons. We know what is happening via multiple media outlets, apps, weather gadgets, and even the good 'ole grapevine and know, one way or the other, what is happening and where the storms are through every second of the process. I'm used to it to the point where, even though I live in a mobile home, I rarely ever leave when it's storming (even though I probably should).

When they interrupt regularly scheduled television (aka Once Upon A Time) to track the storms that are occurring (I can't say that word without thinking of Nessa - Google it if you don't get it), it just walks all over me! Our local station covers a HUGE area and what was happening at 7-8 pm didn't start affecting my area until 10 pm. It ought to be a choice for a viewer whether or not you watch the local-yocal meteorologists or you watch your show. Once Upon A Time is over with and I only got the first 20 minutes of it before they cut in, so, with the final couple of episodes of this season, I am now missing vital information (and my stupid cable company isn't on the ABC "ok" list, so I can't watch it online either). But how nice it would be to have a button that would switch you from local ABC to national and thus bypassing our local dumb and dumber weather guys until you NEED them and want to watch it (which does eventually happen and did...but not until 2 am).


Cathy said...

Mulan is not a favorite of mine either. Cute character tho.

Linda said...

Love the mean look on his face.


SoCal Debbie said...

Great choice for X. So sorry you missed your TV show, though!