Friday, April 13, 2012

"L" - A to Z Challenge - Walt Disney World

So here we are at "L"! Let's get started!

The biggest "L" would be Le Cellier of course, but I've already reviewed it, so I'll just link to it. It's definitely in the WDW top ten, if not the top five!!

So, moving on...The Land - I chose to broaden this one area from Living with The Land simply because the Land Pavilion in Epcot's Future World contains areas I won't be able to cover in other letters. The Land Pavilion contains the Living With The Land ride, a water ride through horticulture and the future of crop growing (it's not near as boring as it sounds - I actually love it!).

There is also The Circle Of Life - An Environmental Fable. It's extremely outdated, but here again, I do actually really like it! Because of the wonderful MouseWorld Radio, I listen to it all the time as well!

There are also two restaurants, The Garden Grill (which we have never eaten at...I think I've mentioned my aversion to character meals) and Sunshine Seasons Food Fair, which is a counter service, but appeals to varying family members because of the variety. Like Cosmic Ray's, it has different areas, but the food is more upscale than Cosmic Ray's (although, for some reason we really only eat breakfast there except for once or twice).

But the most important aspect of The Land is Soarin'! It's the reason you get to Epcot early and it's the first place you head to or you'll first Fastpass will be hours away!

I guess since I didn't do FastPass in "F"'s, and for those that don't know, you just insert your park ticket (or in the case of resort guests, your Key To The World card - that gets you in your room, the parks, and even gives you charging privileges!) and it gives you a slip of paper called a FastPass with a return time, come back during your return time (not before or after) and get in the FastPass lane which skips the long line (which, in some cases, is not a good thing, i.e. Expedition Everest, because it skips the really cool queue areas) and you basically get on the ride faster. They claim you skip the line, but you are just getting in a much shorter line that gets priority over the longer one.

Back on topic - Soarin'. It's a ride that simulates hang gliding and pulls you above this huge screen that makes it look as though you are "Soarin" over California! You smell the ocean when you fly over the ocean, the oranges when you fly over the groves, you dunk over flying golf balls (and I still flinch everytime!), feel the whoosh from a flying by jet, and the finale is a flyover of Disneyland in California and you get kicked back from the fireworks (and, it never fails, you hear about 10 kids scream "Tinkerbell!").

Next up - Laugh Floor Comedy Club in Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom! I'm not a fan of this, not that it's not cool, but I'm TERRIFIED they will pick on me! I don't even know how to describe it, so I won't:

You could also add the Liberty Belle, the paddle boat that runs along the Rivers Of America, between Frontierland and Libery Square in the Magic Kingdom, with a genuine Mark Twain feel (including narration by a "young Mark Twain"), plus, it offers the best view of the Haunted Mansion on property!

Another letter bites the dust!


Melissa said...

Hi! I'm a new follower.

Looking at these pics gives me butterflies! I want to be there :)

Enjoy yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jolie du Pre said...

It's been years since my family and visiting Disney, but we had a wonderful time. Best family trip ever!

Mattysam said...

We have got to get on the Liberty Belle during MNSSHP this year. Seems like its always closed, but the pics of the HM will be AWESOME!

Brinda said...

I loved eating at the Garden Grill the first time we ever went to Disney and my son was little. I took my mom to ride the Land tour a few years back and she was amazed by the horticulture displays.

Dianna Fielding said...

Neat post and place! I love the pictures.

Good luck with the challenge!

Dianna Fielding

Vickie said...

My favorite part of the land is the ride! One of my favorite rides in Epcot!