Saturday, April 7, 2012

"G" - A to Z Challenge - Walt Disney World

"G"!  How exciting!  Because do you know what "G" means?  Candy, candy, and more candy!  How do I figure that?  Well, here we go!

Goofy's Candy Co - WDW has their own line of candy (shock) and, for those that don't know, I'm a CANDY FREAK!!!  I buy bags and bags to bring home so they can last (and I do manage to give a couple to people as presents)!  My favorite is the Sweet-Tarts and Chewy Sprees, but imagine any candy made and they have their version of it!  It's available all over the parks and resorts, but there is a giant center from where it all comes...Goofy's Candy Co!  Not only do they have the standard candies, but Goofy's also has a "bar' where you pick your base (like a rice crispy treat or pretzel) and pick your toppings (like chocolate drizzel or sprinkles) and they make it any way you want it!  I'm not a rice crispy treat person, but WDW's are the absolute best (and they are shaped like Mickey!).  And the cookies, oh Lord, the cookies!  Minnie's Bake Shop Cookies they're called!  I could go on forever! Oh, and how in the world could I forget to mention the Icee's!  They come in these amazing collector cups that you can also build yourself!

Ghirardelli's Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop - I have been to Hershey and that was pretty much the only chocolate I knew...but one taste of Ghirardelli's was my final taste of Hershey's!  I'm not even a big chocolate eater (partly due to that "smell" they used to emit in the town of Hershey that is supposed to be chocolate but totally stinks!)!  But back to the topic at hand, a couple of years ago they added the soda fountain part, and you have NEVER had sundaes like this!!  Now, you can buy Ghirardelli's practically everywhere, so it took some of the fun out of it, but they still have limited editions of flavors you can't get anywhere else!

The Grand Floridian Tea I have already reviewed, so I'll just link back to it, but it's a definite not miss!  It really makes you feel quite regal!!

One more "G", and this one isn't food related...Golden Oak - named after the Golden Oak Ranch in California which was home of a lot of the Disney Studios productions back in Walt's day, the Golden Oak that I am referring to is a new housing development inside of WDW...yes, you heard me correctly...INSIDE!!!  Now, of course there are caveats to living there...the homes range from about $1.5 to $8 million dollars, the HOA fees are about $4800/annually and then there is the mandatory $5000 a year membership to the clubhouse!  Needless to say, my trailer wouldn't be welcomed there, but I can assure you all, the second I win the lottery, and probably against my financial adviser's wishes, my home in Golden Oak will be my first purchase!  What better place for an obsessed Disney fan than to actually LIVE in Walt Disney World!!

That was definitely a food fest of a challenge, but that's "G" for ya at WDW!!  This was pretty short too!


Kate said...

G, G, G, Gawsh! (like the impression?) lol

Dawn said...

As a kid I lived in PA and, of course, visited Hershey on more than one occasion. While I always enjoyed those visits, nothing compares to WDW! I had no idea they had a new housing development. Oh, my, now I have something else to drool over!

Julie Daines said...

Good thing it's easter because now I'm really craving some candy!

Amanda Trought said...

We went a couple of years ago and had a lovely time. Never did like the taste of Hersheys...Amanda

Mangogirl said...

mmm yummy!

Vickie said...

Grand floridan tea is my favorite!