Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"J" - A to Z Challenge - Walt Disney World

"J" is a tiny one, but there are two important "J"'s in WDW, one for me and one for Am!

The first being Journey Into Imagination - Home of my precious Figment, my favorite Disney character that no one has never heard of!

With Dr. Nigel Channing (aka Eric Idle):

Journey Into Imagination is in the Imagination Pavilion in Epcot's Future World. It has gone through many incarnations (the first Figment was the marvelous Billy Barty - for those of a certain age who knows who Billy Barty is and can appreciate it).

It's a very outdated ride and you are almost guaranteed to be riding it either alone or pretty much alone because people just don't care for it, but it's simple, it has a good message, and it's a friggin purple dragon...what's not to love! Plus, it has another one of my favorite gift shops in Epcot, filled with purple dragon merchandise!

And no, there is nothing we don't take pictures of!

On the subject of gift shops, next up is Japan - Am's favorite pavilion (and her husbands least favorite, or at least it is when the credit card bills come in!). She also loves China, but she's more partial to Japan. She loves Asian art and architecture (and merchandise) and she's always like a kid in the candy store when we get there! It's kind of cute actually!

Can you find the Hidden Mickey?:

Pick a pearl booth - you pay a certain amount, pick out a live oyster, and whatever's inside becomes yours and then you have the option (for an additional fee, of course) to add your pearl to jewelry. I've gotten a double and had earrings made, got a peach and had a ring made, gotten jewelry made for others, and have just kept them.

Inside joke of Am handing over her credit card:

We have eaten at Tokyo Dining, but it wasn't good and when I ordered green tea, I didn't expect to be able to chew it!  I like Chinese food, but not too big on Japanese, so I went safe and ordered a steak, but it was almost too tough to eat!  The green tea flan was pretty good though.

And that's it for "J" - another one down!


Kate said...

I'm still giggling over yesterday...and you started this post with its just a tiny one! lol ;)

Nicki Elson said...

Oh man, I've never done the Figment thing - but I promise to get it on my list for next time!

Japan I've done, but not Tokyo Dining. We ate at Teppan Edo last time and it was pretty good.

My kids would love to go shopping w/ Am - they kept asking to go back to Japan's gift shop.

Vickie said...

Chewy green tea is not good!