Thursday, April 24, 2014

U - Disney Alphabet Cross Stitch/Needle Club

I hope CloudsFactory isn't too angry with me for all the changes, but I've stuck to the pattern for this one. "U" is another one of those characters that singlehandedly made a movie for me. She's big, she's bold, she's brassy, she's purple, she's everything (well, other than her evil streak) that I'd like to be! I've made my feelings quite clear about the second gen Disney movies, and The Little Mermaid I put off watching until many years after it was out. But her scenes were the few moments that I was able to put aside my CG animation prejudices and just enjoy the movie.

My sister praising her majesty at Disney's Art of Animation Resort in 2012:

And me praising her in stitch - "U" is for Ursula:

I almost forgot to add my Needle Club post. I didn't get much work done (because a certain co-worker, who I have to cover for, decided to fake a sick day). But I least I didn't have to work on anything pink!


Teresa Cypher said...

Cute post! Both photos show a creative take on her. Nicely done. :-)

Cathy said...

Ursula - well done!

Linda said...

Another cutie Keebles and more amazing progress.


Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

I love Ursula! In the musical they made she got an extra song. The musical was awful but that song was awesome!

Kate N said...

Quick q, but what threads are you using? DMC? They looks so shiny :)

SoCal Debbie said...

Ursula looks amazing! Great progress on your non-pink stitching too!