Friday, April 19, 2013

A to Z Bonus Challenge - Disney Characters

I just can't stand A to Z Challenge without Disney! So here's a mini bonus Disney character Challenge of my favorite Disney characters. It's pretty crazy to do two challenges, but I'm not known for my sanity gene!

Q is a bit of a cheat...Queen, as in Wicked. My sister's favorite villain, the Wicked Queen from Snow White, although not as evil as Maleficent (and I don't care how they handled it in Once Upon A Time, Maleficent would NEVER loose in a fight with the Wicked Queen), was still a pretty good baddie! So, this one is dedicated to Am and the Wicked Queen!

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Gwen Gardner said...

I love your theme! I think the wicked queen would win, lol!

New follower from the A-Z!