Thursday, April 18, 2013

A to Z Bonus Challenge - Disney Characters

I just can't stand A to Z Challenge without Disney! So here's a mini bonus Disney character Challenge of my favorite Disney characters. It's pretty crazy to do two challenges, but I'm not known for my sanity gene!

P was a hard one, but not because I couldn't come up with my favorite "P" character, the problem was there was too many! I could have chosen my favorite sidekick Pascal:

Or my wonderful Prince Philip:

Or even my favorite sidekick duo, Pain and Panic:

Nope, I'm choosing an oldie but a goodie, another cartoon I watch all the time, and my favorite counter service restaurant in the Magic Kingdom (TACO SALAD AND A FIXIN'S BAR - HEAVEN!):


Like how I managed to sneak the others in anyway?


Andrea said...

I knew you wouldn't go obvious and simple with Pluto or Pinocchio (or simply Prince fill in the blank)

M said...

Happy A-Z April. My sister works at Disney!