Scary things ahead

I'm not sure what head space I'm in right now, but work must be more horrible than I thought it was. You guys know I've been talking for a while about going back to school, but talk and action are two separate worlds. Well, I called my college's disability office yesterday and talked to them for a while. I explained that I think a lot of the issues I had the first four times I tried college and failed was due to my Asperness (and money). They have all kinds of help for Aspers as well as scholarships and I felt so much better after talking to them that I not only started my online financial aid applications for THIS fall's semester, but I finished both the aid app and my readmission app to school this morning!

I may have made the wrong decision going with a BS in Computer Science instead of a BA (too much science courses...not my strong suit, but I change it later if need be, it's not like I haven't changed majors before), but I'm kind of freaking out right now!

I wanted to do this after all my credit card debt was paid off, but I kind of realized that I will probably never be out of credit card debt because I'm just a spender. The only way to change my life is to actually do something, so I did something today! It was a little step, I still have to get accepted for both the financial aid and school (although the school thing is just a formality) and work is going to have a FIT when I have to start leaving for classes (but it's in our personnel manual that they are flexible about that, so they have to let me), but hey, one step at a time! I haven't even told my boss what I did yet. I've mentioned it in passing as a possibility for 2019, but not a definite for 2018.

OMG! I'm going back to school...maybe...possibly! Where is my bottle of Xanax!


Linda said…
Congratulation Keiley. I'm so happy for you.

Congrats!!! It is scary but it is also fun to be learning. I'm in the same sort of boat. I'm working full time and went back to study at the same time. It's hard and scary but ohh so rewarding.
Joysze said…
Congrats on taking that step, Keiley!
OMG you're doing it!! Congratulations on making the decision.

You are so right about the debt too, you might as well build it up when you can get the benefit from it. You have no dependants (other than the dogs).

I don't know how student debt works in the US but here you don't have to start paying it back until you earn over a certain amount.
Bethan said…
Congratulations! x
Kate N said…
So will it be part-time? or full-time or how does it work?