Monday, the day of NO's, but one MAJOR positive

My contacts were better after sitting in the juice all weekend, but still no-go, which meant no stitching last night (but I really didn't feel like it anyway).

Went to the doctor to get my boosters, only I ended up having a 102 fever and full-blown bronchitis (I had no idea, I just thought my asthma was acting up and I had a scratchy throat), so they wouldn't do the shots (oh, and the visit cost $88, three more dollars than the whole ACT fiasco). And I still have to go back again after I'm better, which means another visit and more money!

I ended up mentioning something that was completely plausible in one of my work meetings that apparently I was supposed to keep my mouth shut about (a bit of warning would have been nice...I had no clue it was some big secret), so my boss spent the day bringing it up to anyone who would listen that I screwed the pooch. Yea me. Nothing like being made to feel like a worm when you already feel bad from bronchitis (that I really should have gone home for in the first place because I did have a fever and was contagious, but no, I'm too damn dedicated to my job to worry about my own health, so I came back to work instead of taking the week off that my doctor suggested, only to be a whipping post all day long).

Oh, and I'm back today, still with fever, and still doing my job, despite everything. The sooner I get my degree and get out of here the better.

But it wasn't all doom and gloom. The amazing Khristine gave me the best gift ever! You guys know how I've been complaining about the lack of Once Upon A Time cross stitch charts out there, especially with Snow and Charming, she found me a chart on Facebook that was perfect!
Look at that man's face! And all the purple! And the true love between those two! It's perfect! Khristine, you have no clue how much better you have made me feel! I'm gonna kit this one up soon and it's gonna be one of my 18 in '18. I can't wait to start it! It's not too big, it's 12x16 on 18ct, but I'll do it on 28ct, so it will be even smaller. There isn't a lot of color, but the detail looks pretty good. I can't believe I FINALLY have a Snow and Charming pattern!

It kind of goes with what I said in my last post, for all the despair in my life, I can always find that one ray of hope that completely wipes the slate clean. Khristine, you are my angel of the week!


Joysze said…
Bronchitis... HOLY MOLY!!! You should be home resting!! Ugh, that's annoying what your boss did. The new chart looks cool! Looking forward to seeing your start on this. Feel better, Keiley!
Tiffstitch said…
Ugh.. I hope you're feeling better soon, and that is a gorgeous chart!
Linda said…
Take care of yourself Keiley. You NEED to go HOME and rest. Love your new chart.

Justine said…
You definitely need some time off work, if only to kit up your new prize!
Take some time off, they don't appreciate you and will only moan when they get the bugs too!
Stay at home and kit up Charming instead. What a wonderful thing Kristine has done for you.
I am so so glad that you like it! I can't wait to see you start it! Sorry you were having such a crummy week and so happy I could brighten by a little bit :)
Bethan said…
Such a beautiful chart! A great way to end a horrid day! I hope you have been able to rest and get the bronchitis on the mend x