DoNa Sleeping Beauty Part Deux

Yes, I suck and I'm weak because I just broke down and bought the newer version of the chart:
Sleeping Beauty-2
I'm still changing dress colors and fairy colors, but anyone who wants the PDF to the original chart, I'm giving it away, so just message me and it's yours. If I have more than one request, then I'll draw for a winner. At least that way the original pattern won't go to waste.


Tiffstitch said…
I think it's very you to buy the newer version. I don't think I'll ever stitch this one, so don't worry about including me in the giveaway. I completely agree with switching the fairy colours and what are you planning for the dress? I'll have to go check a previous post if I missed that.
Linda said…
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Linda said…
Glad you got it Keiley.

Well you know what? If you are going to spend all that time stitching it you might as well stitch it the way you want to :)