Weekly NOT Stitching (again)

Contacts are still screwed up, so I had another week off stitching and it wasn't a good thing. I needed the stress relief last week and I had no outlet at all. It seems like ever since I told work about me going back to school, they have been riding me harder than ever. I think they are trying to push me to not go to school by trying to prove that I'm too busy at work, but what they are actually doing is helping me out the door quicker. I just don't have the energy to fight with them anymore.

The week may have sucked, but the weekend wasn't all bad. For the first time since my "bad" hospital stay, I went down to the coast (although I didn't go alone, a coworker went with me, but it's still a major achievement for me, so I'm counting it)!

We went to Gulfport first and, although I did take my real camera, I haven't uploaded the pictures yet, here's a quickie shot of my favorite kind of pic...my toes in the water (forgive the lack of pedicure):
And we ended up wandering all the way down to Gulf Breeze, so I once again got my piddies wet:
It was the first time I've been down there since adding Gabapentin and Topamax to my med regime and the 27 hours of driving really got to me this time. That, added to the cloudy contact issue (and the very heavy storms we had to drive through part of the way), meant I pretty much slept through Sunday, so it was an extremely short weekend.

This week, I'm trying to approach things differently at work (aka I'm hiding in my office from everyone) and, so far, so good, but it won't last. Tonight, I'm gonna find a way to stitch, cloudy contacts or not. Worse comes to worse, I'll go back to Rapunzel because I can work on that with my glasses and readers on top of them since it's 18ct.


Linda said…
Hope your eyes clear up soon Keiley. Bet your toes enjoyed the water. Looking forward to seeing progress on Rapunzel.

Justine said…
We were at the seaside this weekend Too, far too cold to paddle though! Hope you get some stitching done soon.
So happy to see you with your toes in the water! And I hope your eyes get better soon.
Glad you got to paddle this weekend and had company too.

I would not have noticed the lack of pedicure, something to do with all the water covering your toes!

Work should be being super nice to you to try make you stay!
Eek, yet another week without stitching...I can only imagine how stressed out you must feel. i'm glad you had a nice trip to the beach at least, although 27 hours of driving sound more like a nightmare to me!
Tiffstitch said…
Glad you got out to the coast! We're expecting a nor'easter tomorrow, so your beach pics look so warm.