DoNa Sleeping Beauty

One of the reasons I picked Rapunzel first was because there are things about my Sleeping Beauty that "bother" me.
Sleeping Beauty
I had always planned on changing her dress from pink to blue (make it blue!), but the fact that my pattern only has two fairies bothered me to no end. I have been debating forever how in the world (and where in the world) I could add another fairy to make it story line accurate. I also planned to change their dresses to green, pink, and blue (for accuracy, as well as their hair color), so that would also affect their placement with the background, but I'm HORRIBLE at changing patterns, nor do I like to change the work of others unless I feel it conflicts with the Disney way (which this one does too much compared to the others in the series).

All her other patterns are right: Snow White has seven dwarfs, Merida has three brother bears, etc., so why do I only have two fairies? I was actually going to post this conundrum at the bottom of Sunday's post and ask y'all's opinion, but I'm glad I waited.

I was scouring Etsy today (as I do everyday) and I happened across a new posting of DoNa's Sleeping Beauty pattern, only it had three fairies...when did that happen and how do I only have two? Does anyone else have this issue? Does anyone know when the third fairy magically appeared? I've tried messaging her in the past on Etsy (both for questions and complements) and have never gotten a response, so I doubt I'd have much luck asking her there. It would definitely be easier just to re-buy it versus trying to create a new fairy myself, but that's fairly annoying, even though it's only $6.50. It's more the principle of the thing versus the cost, but it would be easier than fighting about it or trying to modify my existing pattern. Did I just answer my own question? I kind of think I did, but I'm still kind of pissed about it. If she realized her mistake with two fairies, shouldn't she have sent out replacement patterns to all those that bought two two fairy version? I didn't even notice it at the time which I guess is my fault, so there you go, we're both to blame...maybe.

Well, at least on the positive side, I don't have to create a new fairy if I buy the newer version, right? But I am still changing some color schemes. Flora, Fauna and Merriweather must be honored and we all know how I feel about Aurora's blue dress versus the pink one.


Kaisievic said…
Hmm! Rather a conundrum for you - I think that you have the right to be annoyed with the designer over this. I wonder why she hasn't responded to your questions?
Linda said…
I think you should do whatever you feel is best. I already stitched this one.

Astrids dragon said…
You could always make a copy of one and cut it out to place it where you think it would fit? Then you'd just change the dress colour.
I hate when you message a vendor and never hear back. That is poor customer service in my opinion. I do know that she has a facebook page and if I remember correctly you don't? Could I try messaging her for you?
Joysze said…
The upside about being out of touch is all the pics I get to see when I play catch up. Your pieces look amaze-balls!!!!

It's definitely a principle thing. I mean... why should you have to pay the extra $6.50 if the previous chart is wrong and has now been corrected??? Hmm.....

On the flip side.... could you fit the 3rd one in the space of the big rose on the left side?
That would annoy me too! I was going to suggest what Khristine did, if she is happy to ask in the FB group then someone then may have the answer.

I hate it when people don't reply. Stitchrovia is another really bad one for that. She lost sales last year because she didn't respond to my questions.
Bethan said…
I can see why not having all 3 fairies would bother you. It would drive me mad! How rude that she isn't replying. I like Astrid's idea of making a copy and trying to place it if you don't want to buy a new pattern x
Kate N said…
Do you know, my guy actually thinks we should call our child Aurora!