Weekly Stitching

I wish I could say that things are back to normal, but I'm at least trying, and the most normal thing I can do is stitch. Last time I left off here:
I FINALLY got Cindy finished, almost got Rapunzel's hair done, and I'm about to start on the massive undertaking of Alice's hair:
I still can't put this project down yet, I'm not sure why, so I'm just gonna roll with my gut because I don't have the energy to fight myself or anything else right now.

I still have no clue how I'm going to handle the therapy/psych issue, my mind avoids it like the plague. I still have to make it through going to my pulmonologist on Wednesday that just happens to be in the same building (but at least on a different floor) as the behavioral health clinic. I'm terrified to death to step foot in the building, no matter the floor.

I am so far behind on reading y'all's blogs and emails and I am SOOOO sorry! I promise I will try to get caught up this week if I can. You guys have been so supportive of me, it's beyond time I return the favor. Again, maybe if I keep doing "normal" everyday things, I can get myself back to normal again, or so my theory goes.

My Sister's off to Disney World next week without me. She's offered a million times, but I just can't do it, not even for Disney. Besides, I've been to Disney terrified of my own shadow before and I'm a thousand times worse than that now. I don't need a bad Disney trip on top of everything else. So home I stay locked in my own little Happy Place.


Mii Stitch said…
So nice to know you've been well enough to work on your cross stitch project, you've made really good progress, as always.
Sad you cannot make it to Disney with your sister but you're right in sorting yourself out first. Hope you'll feel better soon.
Great work on the Disney girls.

Would it help if someone you trust came and met you at the door of the building so you didn't have to go in alone?
Linda said…
Awesome progress Keiley.

Justine said…
Lovely stitching as always, Cindy looks better now she has a face! Hope you are looking after yourself in your Happy Place.
Tiffstitch said…
Great to have Cindy finished and keep rolling with what's helping. I hope she has a good time and not going has to be an incredibly difficult decision, but you need to do what feels right.
Awesome progress! And so sorry you don't feel up to Disney :(
Faith... said…
One step at a time... you will make it back to Disney soon. Hope your appointment goes smoothly, is there somebody who could go with you?

Cindy is looking good! Look forward to seeing some hair in the next update!!
Great progress! I hope you will really be able to slowly stitch your way back to normal, even if it's hard and makes you miss Disney trips!
Vickie said…
I am so sorry you weren't well enough to go to Disney....I know how hard that must have been. I am enjoying seeing the progress backwards! Weird I know