Well, Fergid is happy and stable...he hasn't grown a single millimeter and is still 14.5, so I can go to a two-year MRI schedule.
What does bother me is the side view:
From that view, it really looks like it should be affecting my brain, but the doc assures me it's not (although I'm not that big on doctor assurances lately). If it does grow another .5 of a millimeter, then we have to start talking radiation or head-cracking, but he said I could go my entire life without it changing at all or it could literally blow up over night (something to look forward to).

While I had his attention, I did ask him if any studies had been done about Asperger's and meningiomas and he said to his knowledge there haven't been. Then he showed me another MRI image that actually shows my Aspergers, but it has too much patient information on the pic and I don't have the energy to edit it all out (and I'm sure you guys don't care anyway).


Tiffstitch said…
Excellent news. Nice to only have to go every 2 years for this as well. Interesting that he could show you the scan with the Aspergers info too!
Mii Stitch said…
This does look so scary, but fantastic news as it seems to be stable.
Justine said…
That's really interesting. I didn't know you could actually see Aspergers. Glad to hear everything is stable.
Brains are amazing! Glad Fergid hasn't grown any and hopefully never does!
Linda said…
Fantastic news Keiley. I hope other things get better for you now.

Faith... said…
Glad he is not growing and let's hope it stays that way! It does look kinda scary though.
Wow, that is an incredible picture. I am glad it is good news too. Let's hope it stays that way.
It is amazing how much we know about the brain (being able to "see" the Asperger's activity) and also how little we know.
Great news - that pic does look a bit scary, but if the doc says it's okay, we'll have to believe him. I didn't know you could actually physically see Asperger's, how interesting!
Vickie said…
Your brain picture is amazing and terrifying at the same time!!! I am so glad the doc says it is ok...